Do You Paint Closets The Same Color As The Room? (Answered)

Choosing the best paint for closets is essential.

When doing this, you are going to come across a wide array of choices. During this process, it’s important to know how your closet paint matches the wall paint.

You will even want to ask, do you paint closets the same color as the room?

You should paint closets the same color as the room. If you wish to change things up, it’s acceptable to use a lighter shade of the same color. This will provide a smooth transition and ensure the look isn’t jarring to the eye.

When doing this, it’s also recommended to apply a new paint of coat on the walls too. This provides a balanced appearance ensuring the room doesn’t look aged due to the new closet paint.

Here is more on how to choose the right paint color for your closet at home.

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How To Choose Paint Color for Closet

1. Go for a Lighter Shade

Finding a good paint color for the closet interior is going to come down to understanding the importance of transitions.

The naked eye is going to transition from the room’s paint to the closet’s paint. This has to be a natural transition rather than an abrupt one.

Imagine a white wall with a black closet. It will look out of place.

Due to this, it’s recommended to only change things up by going with a lighter shade. This will still look natural and make sense visually.

Most people prefer to go with the best white paint for closets because it is an acceptable option for this part of the room. If the rest of the room is already white then it makes sense to go down this path.

If you wish to change the color then it’s best to repaint the entire room including the closet.

do you paint closets the same color as the room

2. Choose the Same Type of Paint

When it comes to closet painting ideas, you will want to stick to the basics.

This includes choosing the same type of paint for your closet. You don’t want to use latex paint for the closet and another type for the room.

This is once again going to be jarring to the naked eye.

The closet is not a separate space in the room and it has to flow with the rest of the room. If you don’t do this, you are not going to see appropriate results at all.

Take your time to focus on this if you want to choose the right type of paint.

3. Prep the Surface First

The last step is to make sure you are preparing the surface inside the closet.

A lot of people assume the walls in the closet are hidden. Yes, they are hidden but only until the door opens to reveal what is inside!

This means you should prepare the wall to ensure the paint lasts for a long time and looks appealing as you scan the closet.

Don’t wing it and hope for the best!

Take your time, prepare the wall, and then apply a sealant too.

What Color Do You Usually Paint Closets?

The most common color used to paint closets is white. It emits a sense of openness and balance that is essential in a confined space such as a closet. Most property owners play around with different types of white paint to choose what works best for them.

It’s also important to note, the rest of the room should be taken into account too.

If the room is painted white then a white closet is also recommended. If it is a different color then you should stick to that for the closet too.

Balance is key and it starts with the rest of the room.

do you paint closets the same color as the room

Can I Use Ceiling Paint on Closet Walls?

You can use ceiling paint on closet walls. This is a robust type of paint that is known for handling all types of imperfections. Since closet walls also take on more abuse, it’s wise to use ceiling paint inside a closet.

Always take the time to choose the right type of paint and ensure it’s a matching color.

This will ensure the look of the closet is right in line with the rest of the room.

Final Thoughts

Do you paint closets the same color as the room?

You should paint closets the same color as the room. If you wish to mix things up, it’s acceptable to choose a lighter shade of the same color for the closet. This will provide a neat and smooth transition from the room to the closet walls.

Whatever color you go with, always choose the best possible paint. This will matter when it comes to the paint’s longevity.

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