Does A Convection Oven Fan Run Continuously? (Answered)

Convection ovens are convenient and offer a wide array of features that are essential in a kitchen.

This is why many people invest in a convection oven when setting things up in their homes. Unfortunately, the appliance might not always work as intended and this can become a problem if you are not proactive.

A question people often ask is – does a convection oven fan run continuously?

A convection oven fan does not run continuously. It will cycle on and off. When a cooking mode is activated, the fan turns on. This is done based on the amount of heat that’s generated by the oven during any given moment.

If a convection oven fan is running continuously, this means the sensor is damaged and has to be replaced. Otherwise, the fan will continue to run whenever the appliance is turned on and this will get to the point where the fan blows and breaks down.

You are better off correcting this issue while the convection oven fan is still running.

This article will explain more on what to do if the convection oven fan is running continuously and how to fix the issue before it worsens.

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How To Fix A Convection Oven Fan That Runs Continuously

1. Unplug The Convection Oven

If the convection oven fan stays on, you will have to figure out what the underlying issue is.

To get started, you should unplug the convection oven.

This is to help reset the internal components including the fan itself. Sometimes, an overused convection fan will begin misbehaving and that can include a situation where the fan doesn’t work as engineered to.

You will have to determine what is causing the problem, but resetting your convection oven by unplugging it is a simple solution that you can try out.

In some cases, this will be more than enough to take care of the problem for you.

does a convection oven fan run continuously

2. Access The Fan

When the convection oven fan keeps running all the time, you will need to go directly to the root cause (i.e. the fan itself).

This will let you determine whether or not the fan is damaged.

Most fans are going to be easy to access when you remove the back covering. This will let you directly peek into the fan and see what is going on.

Please note, anytime you are looking at the convection oven fan, it is important to unplug the appliance. Do not attempt to play around with the wiring or connectors with the appliance still connected to an electrical source.

This is dangerous and the last thing you should be doing.

3. Tighten The Connectors

Once you have accessed the fan, it’s time to start with the connectors.

Most convection ovens are going to have connectors that are holding the fan in place. The number will vary depending on how the oven has been engineered by the design team.

Look at all of the connectors that are right near the fan itself.

These are the ones you are going to want to remove and then re-connect. During this period, also take the time to inspect each connector.

If there is damage to one of these connectors, you will know that is what is causing the fan to keep running.

does a convection oven fan run continuously

4. Replace All Burnt or Frayed Wiring

The last step is to replace the burnt or frayed wiring.

The goal is to make sure you are not running the convection oven with damaged wiring inside. This is when things spiral out of control.

Be patient, look at each connector, and make sure everything is in working order.

If the convection oven fan continues to run without stopping despite changing the wiring, this means the fan itself is damaged.

You will need to replace the fan when this occurs.

How Often Does The Fan Run On A Convection Oven?

The fan in a convection oven is only supposed to run when a cooking mode is activated. It should not run all the time as this is a sign of a damaged sensor, frayed wiring, or a loose connector.

Final Thoughts

Does a convection oven fan run continuously?

A convection oven fan is not supposed to run continuously. In a functional convection oven, the fan will only activate when a cooking mode is turned on. This helps alleviate heat inside the appliance and creates the perfect venting setup.

If there is something wrong with the convection fan, it can lead to a situation where the fan keeps spinning when it shouldn’t.

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