Does A Duvet Cover Need An Insert? (Solved)

When it comes to the different elements of bedding, it’s common to hear about duvet covers and inserts.

This might come across as a mandatory investment but is a duvet insert necessary? Does a duvet cover need an insert?

A duvet cover does not need an insert and it’s not mandatory. It can be used on its own but the results will suffer. In most cases, duvet inserts are used to maintain the cover’s shape and ensure it lasts longer.

While it is not mandatory, you are still recommended to invest in a good duvet insert for your duvet cover.

Here are the advantages of a duvet insert and why it’s important to find the right one for your cover.

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Benefits Of A Duvet Insert

1. Increases Longevity

The best duvet insert will offer an immediate increase in longevity.

This is due to how the cover protects the shape of the cover. Instead of letting it fold along the corners or begin tearing at the seams, this insert is perfectly shaped to hold the cover together.

It also makes it easier to move around at night.

You will know the duvet insert is going to keep the cover in good shape regardless of what you are doing.

does a duvet cover need an insert

2. Keeps Everything Clean

Let’s assume you are placing this on top of the bed, the duvet insert acts as a protective net for the other bedding materials.

The reason for this has to do with how it holds the duvet cover’s shape.

When its shape remains intact as it moves around, the rest of the bedding remains clean. With other solutions, it’s common for the duvet cover to shuffle around and leave everything exposed.

This is an underrated advantage of a duvet insert when it’s put to the test. You will notice the difference when you use it in your room.

3. Prevents Shedding

Shedding is a real concern when it comes to the comforter.

You are going to want the duvet insert as a protective layer to make sure the cover holds its shape. By doing this, you gain better control over the shedding process with a comforter or any other bedding element.

This matters to those who don’t want to always keep cleaning the shedding material in their bed. It can become challenging to do after a while.

The best solution is to prevent shedding with a bit of care on your end.

What Insert Do You Put In A Duvet Cover?

The best type of insert for your duvet cover is a down comforter. This helps the duvet cover hold its shape, last for a long time, and maximize comfort. As long as the sizing is correct, the down comforter will add immediate value to the bedding.

Always take your time buying the right duvet insert.

If you choose the wrong duvet insert, it’s possible the cover is going to lose its shape and break down. This happens when the sizing is off or the inner material is rough.

It can also disrupt your sleep depending on what is inside the duvet cover.

does a duvet cover need an insert

How Do I Choose A Duvet Insert?

When choosing a duvet insert, it’s important to look at the material, size, and overall quality. In general, a down comforter is a good duvet insert as long as it’s the right size. This ensures the duvet cover lasts longer and remains comfortable year-round.

It’s highly recommended to take your time when buying a new duvet insert.

Look for something that will be a perfect fit as soon as it is inserted into the duvet cover. This means it should sit snugly against the corners once inside.

To improve your results, invest in four duvet clips. These clips will hold the insert inside and make sure it does not shuffle around when you move the cover.

Final Thoughts

Does a duvet cover need an insert?

A duvet cover does not need an insert. However, it’s highly recommended to use an insert to help maintain the cover’s shape, comfort, and overall quality. A down comforter is the most common and trusted duvet insert worldwide.

It comes down to what you prefer but a down comforter will work well as a duvet insert once set up. It is comfortable, easy to use, and works well in different situations.

Look at all of your options but always get the sizing right. If the size is wrong, it doesn’t matter what type of duvet insert is used because it won’t work!

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