Does A Fireplace Have To Be Centered On A Wall? (Explained!)

It’s normal for modern homes to have fireplaces.

However, the placement of a fireplace has to be spot on. This is the only way to elevate a room’s appearance and make sure it is aesthetically pleasing from all angles.

One of the questions a person will have is – does a fireplace have to be centered on a wall?

A fireplace does not have to be centered on a wall. If a fireplace is installed to the side, it’s recommended to use another centerpiece such as a TV or furnishing to help balance the room. This will help draw the eye away from the imbalance.

This is a common question for those who want to add a fireplace after a home has been built. If that is the case in your situation, the best approach is to find other ways to balance the room.

Here is a look at a few reasons why a fireplace doesn’t have to be centered in a room.

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Reasons a Fireplace Doesn’t Have To Be Centered

1. Find Other Ways To Balance Room

The goal is to make sure you find ways to balance the room when a fireplace is not centered.

A lot of people assume the fireplace has to be in the middle when that is not the case. It comes down to how the room flows when your eye travels from one end to the other.

In general, if the fireplace is not centered, you will have to find a way to balance the room. This includes using furnishings and/or other central pieces.

does a fireplace have to be centered on a wall

2. Choose a Different Focal Point

You will want to choose a new focal point in a situation such as this.

For example, you should take a look at setting up a TV on the wall or adding wall art. These are easy additions that can go a long way in balancing the room the way you want to.

The eye is used to seeing a focal point. In some rooms that is the fireplace, however, other rooms can make it a picture frame, TV, or many other furnishings.

A lot of people don’t do this and that is what makes the fireplace look odd.

Centering a fireplace isn’t mandatory as long as you appreciate the value of balancing the living room with something else.

3. Easy to Make a Part of the Room

Fireplaces don’t always need to stand out.

They are going to have a presence, which means it comes down to finding other ways to make the room better.

You can set up the fireplace off-center and then look at new ways to balance the room. If the room is good and has a theme, the fireplace will be easy to fit in.

Fireplaces can be made into a part of the room and don’t have to stand out unnecessarily. It is a choice.

Most people expect a fireplace to be present in modern rooms.

This is why any adjustment in this regard will be welcomed even if the fireplace is not in the middle of the room.

does a fireplace have to be centered on a wall

4. Emphasis on Heating

The goal of a fireplace is to warm the room.

This is the purpose that most people are going to focus on including yourself. Don’t get caught up on where the fireplace is because the functional purpose remains true.

Most of the value of a fireplace is going to come from this aspect.

Look to invest in a well-sized fireplace that is accessible in the room. Even if it is not in the center, it still needs to perform in a manner that is going to yield good results.

This is a must.

Related Questions

1. What Do You Do If Your Fireplace Is Not Centered On The Wall?

If a fireplace is not centered on the wall, it’s recommended to find a new focal point. This can include a TV, wall art, and/or any other furnishing that can take center stage in the living room.

2. Where Should A Fireplace Be Placed In A Room?

It’s recommended for a fireplace to be in the center of the wall in a room. This helps radiate heat to all parts. However, it’s also acceptable to have it off-center as long as it’s not blocked and/or restricted in any way.

Final Thoughts

Does a fireplace have to be centered on a wall?

A fireplace does not have to be centered on the wall. It simply needs to have enough access to the room to heat the space properly.

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