Does Gas Still Flow If Pilot Light Goes Out? (Explained!)

The pilot light is an essential part of gauging when a fireplace is functioning or not.

This is why it’s important to understand what happens when the pilot light goes out. if the pilot light goes out, does gas still flow?

If the pilot light goes out, the gas will continue to flow. This can cause a gas leak and is a serious danger that needs to be rectified as soon as possible.

Do not leave this for another day.

This should be corrected within hours to make sure the gas leak doesn’t cause a fire or explosion. This is a scenario that is seen with various gas appliances and the same applies to a fireplace that’s pilot light keeps getting extinguished.

This article will take a look at why the gas still flows when a pilot light goes out.

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Reasons Gas Flows When Pilot Light Goes Out

1. Flame Sensor Stops Working

It is the flame sensor that tends to go out in situations such as these.

When the flame sensor goes out, it causes the pilot light to stop functioning. This is when the fireplace becomes a safety hazard as the pilot light is a good indicator the fireplace is in working shape.

When the pilot light goes out, you could be in a lot of trouble as a homeowner and there is no time for taking risks.

You will want to have a specialist come in to take a look at the flame sensor while assessing the amount of damage that has been done.

if pilot light goes out does gas still flow

2. Separate Gas Line

It is important to note, the reason gas may leak has to do with a separate gas line going into the fireplace.

The gas will leak because it is going to keep working when the pilot light is out.

This is when the gas starts pouring out and entering the home.

Glue is enough to keep the shiplap in place and will lead to a design that is easy on the eyes once it is set up.

It’s important to make sure you do take care of this by speaking to a trusted specialist.

Otherwise, the gas leaking from the fireplace could do a lot of damage.

3. Safety Mechanism Fails

There is a safety mechanism in place that would work when the pilot light is on. This is what keeps the small flame going throughout the day.

This is rendered useless when the flame sensor stops working.

This is when the gas begins to leak.

When the pilot light goes out, there is no safety mechanism to keep the gas from flowing. This is what causes the gas leak in a fireplace.

You will want to account for this when it comes to keeping the fireplace in working condition. If the pilot light goes out, you will have to get it fixed as soon as you can.

It’s a must.

There is no other safety mechanism in place that is going to prevent the gas from leaking as it continues to pour out.

if pilot light goes out does gas still flow

4. Lack of Detection

In a lot of homes, there is no sense of detection in place and that can do a lot of damage as time goes on.

When you are unaware of the gas leaking, it is far more likely to cause a fire or explosion. You will want to take the pilot light as a warning that something is wrong.

Don’t ignore it.

If you just noticed the pilot light go out, it is best to check the sensor and then reach out to a trusted specialist. This professional will take the time to detect where the gas is leaking from and what has happened to the flame sensor.

This is key as you look to bring things back to normal again.

Related Questions

1. Is An Unlit Pilot Light Dangerous?

An unlit pilot light is dangerous. This can cause the gas to start leaking from the fireplace. When this happens, it increases the chances of a significant gas leak that leads to an explosion or fire.

2. What Do You Do When Your Furnace Pilot LIght Goes Out?

When a furnace pilot light goes out, it’s recommended to consult with a specialist as soon as possible. They will take a look at the flame sensor along with whether or not a significant amount of gas has leaked into the home.

Final Thoughts

if the pilot light goes out, does gas still flow?

When the pilot light goes out, the gas will continue to flow from the gas line. This is dangerous and it can lead to a significant explosion and/or fire.

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