Does Leaving An Extension Cord Plugged In Use Electricity? (Answered)

When it comes to the use of an extension cord, it’s important to understand how much value it has to offer and whether or not it’s safe to use in specific situations.

You will want to learn and adapt to these safety standards to make sure the extension cord does not become an issue.

With this in mind, you will want to ask, does leaving an extension cord plugged in use electricity?

Yes, leaving an extension cord plugging in will use electricity. It will be a small charge that will run through the extension cord to keep it functional. Most units will have an indicator that stays lit when it’s plugged in.

If you wish to preserve electricity and don’t want to keep the extension cord plugged all day, it’s best to take it out when you are not using it.

This will ensure you are not using electricity when you don’t want to.

This article will explain more about why leaving an extension cord plugging in uses electricity.

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Reasons Leaving An Extension Cord Plugged In Uses Electricity

1. Indicator

If you don’t unplug an extension cord when not in use, you will notice a small indicator that will light up.

This is going to remain lit even if there is nothing connected to the extension cord.

To maintain this indicator, there is a small charge that is going to run through the cord and it will not go away as long as the fixture is functional.

This is an important detail to note down because it shows there is electricity running through the cord throughout the day. If you don’t take the time to unplug the extension cord, it will continue to use electricity.

This indicator is helpful and some people like having it lit.

The reason it is helpful comes down to knowing when the fixture is working and when it is not. You will also know whether or not the outlet is powering up.

does leaving an extension cord plugged in use electricity

2. Maintains An Instant Charge

If you leave an extension cord plugged in, it is going to provide an instant charge.

This means an immediate ability to tap into the electricity that is coming through the extension cord and that is valuable to people.

You will enjoy knowing the electricity is going to work as soon as you plug something into the cord.

This is going to save time and it also makes sure you are aware of when the cord is working and when it is not.

However, to enjoy this privilege, you are going to have to keep the extension cord plugged in throughout the day. Otherwise, it is not going to maintain that instant charge you are on the lookout for.

3. Helps Pinpoint Extension Cord’s Health

You will want to think about the extension cord’s health over the long term too.

An extension cord that is plugged in might break down, but it is also going to let you know when things go haywire.

For example, if the indicator is lit, you will know the electricity is going through the extension cord and it is going to work the way you want it to. This leaves no doubt about how effective the cord is.

The same applies if the light is not coming.

You will know there is something wrong with the cord.

does leaving an extension cord plugged in use electricity

4. Helps Maintain A Stable Fixture

Stability is something you are going to want with an extension cord.

A person that is not using the extension cord but keeps it plugged in will know the fixture is not going to let them down.

This means it will always be there and that is what the cord is designed to do. Even if you turn off the extension cord, it will still have a small charge.

This is done to help protect the cord and make sure it remains functional.

This stability is a safety feature to ensure a sudden charge doesn’t fry the cord.

Final Thoughts

Does leaving an extension cord plugged in use electricity?

Leaving an extension cord plugged in will use electricity. This small charge will be noticeable when the indicator on the cord lights up. It’s common for this to occur to offer stability and instant access to electricity.

You will want to think about this while figuring out whether or not the unplug the extension cord at home.

Most people are going to want to keep the extension cord plugged in. This ensures you can walk up to the cord and know it is ready to go whenever you need it to.

However, if you are looking to preserve energy then you will want to unplug the cord as soon as possible.

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