23 Creative Dollar Store Farmhouse DIY Ideas

It’s important to understand the beauty of the farmhouse vibe.

It needs to be executed beautifully for it to resonate properly. A lot of people don’t look into this to get the proper finishing touches they are hoping for.

Look into the best farmhouse DIY ideas that are readily available when it comes to maximizing the beauty of the space.

Here are the best dollar store farmhouse DIY ideas to enjoy.

Welcome Sign

What is the first thing a person is going to notice when it comes to the home?

It’s going to be the welcome sign out front.

This is why you want to set the tone from here.

Look for a nice, clean welcome sign that is going to be set up on a wooden board. You can mix up the size based on what you find and it can be personalized to display the welcome message as you want it to be displayed.

Herbal Planters

Planters are empowering for this type of theme.

You are going to be looking at amplifying the natural vibrance of the space with the help of these herbal planters.

You can put it together with small planters from the dollar store and then add herbs to them.

Wall Shelves

Shelving is always going to amplify the look of a space and cannot be ignored by those who want to maximize their shelving.

This is where a wooden wall shelf is going to shine.

It’s going to look impressive and the decor can be personalized too.

Storage Organizer

Storage space is key for your accessories and/or smaller items.

You can play around with the options but one that tends to work would be a storage organize from a dollar store.

You are going to put smaller items such as your accessories into them and make sure they are kept away from the clutter.

Green Plant Vases

Plants are always a nice touch to a home and should not be ignored.

The goal here is to set up green plants around the home.

To do this, you are going to look for various sizes of vases to set up. They are going to be available at the dollar store and can be the foundation for the plants you are setting up.

Wooden Frames

Wooden frames are pleasant and add a bit of character to a home.

To do this, you are going to look for pieces that are going to resonate with the vibe of the home.

You will want to look at messages that can be put on the wooden frame. This can be fine-tuned based on what you prefer when setting up a message such as this one.


The wreaths are great.

Wreaths look amazing because they are elegant and are going to shine through when it comes to the ambiance of the look.

You are going to appreciate how they come together.

Hanging Planters

Planters are a powerful solution for those who are looking to add a bit of greenery to their setup and also keep it affordable.

You can find these gorgeous hanging planters that are going to resonate with the aesthetic of the space and be easy on the eyes too.

Plus, they are great for adding greenery that’s efficient.

Hanging Rope Shelf

This is a classic option because it’s such a beautiful finishing touch.

You are going to take a bit of wood and then hook it to a rope. This rope is then going to be used to keep the shelf in place as soon as the rope is set onto the foundation.

It’s a nice aesthetic and it looks great.

Wooden Bookshelf

Do you have a lot of books lying around?

Look at going with a wooden bookshelf because it’s going to shine through and you are going to like how rustic it is.

This adds to the farmhouse vibe you are going for.

Farmhouse Stems And Vases

Stems are easy to find at dollar stores and are well-regarded for being aesthetically pleasing for a farmhouse theme.

You are going to be looking at getting beautiful vases as the base. You are then going to add fake stems into them to elevate their beauty.

It’s such a pleasant decorative piece that will work well.

Rustic Shelves

Instead of going with traditional wall shelves, you are going to be looking at a specific rustic finish.

This is going to be made with warmer wood.

This rustic finish is great because it’s going to add that farmhouse ambiance you are gunning for and it’s going to look amazing at the same time. This is always an adorable look.

Garland Wreath

Wreaths work well and it’s time to look at one that can be found in dollar stores.

You are going to be looking at what is a garland wreath.

To do this, you are going to need a wreath and a garland. You are then going to put them together and you can further personalize it with additional touches depending on the aesthetic you are going for.

Wooden Storage Crates

These are a super underrated element to consider when it comes to maintaining that farmhouse vibe.

This includes the use of high-value wooden crates.

This is going to be excellent because it’s easy to find affordable crates from the dollar store and then begin painting them. You are welcome to paint them with wood paint and it will come out looking amazing.

Farmhouse Baskets

These baskets are amazing.

They are designed in a farmhouse style, which is vibrant and is going to be ideal for storage in a smaller space.

Take advantage of this if you want to maximize the look of the space and get it to pop. All of your clutter is going to be out of the way too!

Cotton Stems

Cotton stems are impressive to look at.

They look amazing because they are going to work well with your vase. Just get a nice vase from a dollar store and then add fake cotton stems to them.

This is going to create a nice, clean aesthetic for the farmhouse.

Dollar Tree Blocks

Dollar tree blocks are a unique option for those who want to optimize their home’s aesthetic.

You are going to get dollar tree blocks and then create a nice message out of them.

These work well when it comes to the final touches of the space.

Farmhouse Organizer For Kitchen

Organization is essential when it comes to the kitchen and it’s best to get an organizer for the space.

This organizer is going to be ideal for things such as your spices.

You can even buy multiple organizers for different items including your utensils.

Wall Baskets

Most people are going to think about woven baskets to set up around the home.

Yes, those are nice!

However, we recommend going with wall baskets as they are going to be set up on the wall and used as decor. They are easy to put together too.

Wooden Tray

A farmhouse theme is going to require a nice wooden tray.

This is going to be used to elevate the farmhouse vibe.

You are going to want to get a large wooden tray that’s going to be used to add small decorative items inside and then set them in a room. This can be something as simple as a fake plant if that’s what you want to go with.

Wire Basket

A wire basket is wonderful and it’s something that is going to work well with this type of vibe.

You are going to look to get a small wire basket that’s going to be set up in the living room or the bathroom.

It will be easy, elegant, and effective as soon as it is set up.

Wooden Hangers

Wooden hangers are one of those smaller touches that matter.

When you open the closet, you are going to see these beautiful wooden hangers and they are going to add to the theme of the home.

Don’t forget about this because it does work well.

Wooden Ladder Rack

A ladder rack is a great way to store smaller items in a room and also elevate the aesthetic of the space.

The wooden touch is going to work well for the overall vibe of the home.

You are going to be able to find a nice ladder that’s not too big and then accessorize it.