28 Dorm Room Storage Ideas To Maximize Space

Your dorm room is not going to be the biggest space.

It’s going to be congested and it’s essential to declutter the space as best as you can. This is the only way to make sure you are happy with the space and it continues to be a good spot to relax in after your classes.

With this in mind, it’s important to look at the best dorm storage ideas for your room and why they work.

This guide is going to look at the best dorm room storage ideas that you will want to incorporate as soon as possible.

Shoe Storage Rack

One of the messier elements of a dorm room is going to be where the shoes are put.

You want to make sure the shoes are not getting in the way.

This includes investing in a shoe storage rack that is going to help organize where the shoes are going inside the room.

Ottoman With Storage

Ottomans are a good option for those who want additional storage space in the room. It’s going to do a good job of making sure the accessories you want out of the way are going to be kept out of sight.

This is a simple, effective solution that works well.

It’s going to open up new storage space without making it obvious in the dorm room.

Mini Fridge Stand

Do you want to make the most of your mini fridge?

We would be looking at going with a mini fridge stand. This type of stand is going to give you more storage space and it’s going to declutter the space too.

We appreciate this about the mini fridge stand and how well it works.

Hanging Shoe Organizer

This is another option for those who want to maximize where their shoes are going inside the dorm room.

This idea is going to take a look at hanging shoes in an organizer.

The organizer is going to be hung out of the way and is going to ensure the shoes are kept safe too.

Desk Hutch

A desk hutch is a beautiful option for those who want something organized and elegant at the same time.

We appreciate the beauty of a desk hutch and how remarkable it’s going to look as soon as things are set into place.

We find these types of desk hutches to be elegant and ideal for your needs.

Space Under The Bed

Certain spaces inside a dorm room are going to be easy to maximize including the space under the bed.

We highly recommend looking more into this space.

Can you put items under the bed? We would take the time to do this as they are going to be out of sight by doing this.

Drawer Dividers

Do you want to organize the drawers in your dorm room?

Drawers are a good option for your smaller accessories and are going to do a good job of organizing those items.

We would look at going with a beautiful drawer divider that is going to help optimize the space in the dorm room.

Storage Cart

A storage cart can be a good option as you will be able to make an aesthetic improvement in the dorm room while also opening up new storage space.

This is a convenient option that is going to be easy to set up and it’s going to enhance the look of the dorm room.

Take advantage of this for your living space.

Tall Nightstand Drawer

What type of nightstand are you going to be going with?

We would look into a taller nightstand.

This is going to be slimmer and it’s going to look easy on the eyes too. We would take the time to go with a beautiful tall nightstand drawer that is going to open up new space in the room.

Closet Organizer

What is going to go inside the closet?

A good closet organizer is essential. This is one of those options where your accessories and/or clothes are going to be optimized to not take up too much space.

Plus, you will know where the items are as soon as you want to take them out.

Mirror Organizer

A mirror organizer is aesthetically pleasing and it’s something that is going to impress you instantly.

We love this visual addition because it is going to shine in the room.

The mirror is going to look nice and the organizer is going to do a good job in organizing your accessories too. This works well for those who want good results.

Bedside Caddy

A bedside caddy is a unique storage option.

This is a space-saver for those who want to have something close to the bed. It’s going to be effective, safe, and it’s also going to look elegant.

We like this type of addition because it matches the overall vibe of a dorm room and how it needs to be set up.

Hanging Organizer

A hanging organizer is never a bad option in a dorm room.

We would use this as a way to hang accessories and make sure they are accessible. Remember, students are just going to want things on the go and this is one option that will allow you to make the most of the space on the inside of the door.

Just hang up the organizer and have it available within seconds when you are looking for smaller accessories.

Under-Bed Storage Organizer

We have talked about putting items under the bed.

In this regard, you want to look at going with an underbed storage organizer too. This type of organizer is going to empowering.

You are going to gain more space under the bed and it’s going to look beautiful too.

Bulletin Board Hooks For Accessories

Do you want to set up a bulletin board inside the dorm room?

There are many ways of doing this.

The best option would be to go with a bulletin board that is going to have hooks set up on it. These hooks can be used for smaller accessories that you want to put up.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are always a boatload of fun.

We find these shelves to be world-class. They are going to look elegant and you are going to feel confident in how things are going to turn out.

This is what matters the most because you can always decorate these shelves too.

Cube Storage Bins

Storage bins are going to do wonders for opening up space inside the dorm room.

You are going to want to set up these storage bins in a corner of the room. You can then put items inside the bins and they are going to be accessible whenever you want to take the items out.

This is a great option that fits the theme.

Storage Bags

Storage bags are another option.

These bags are going to be a unique, affordable addition to the dorm room without taking up too much space.

We find them to be convenient and easy to use. Look at adding accessories to these storage bags and keep them safe.

Lifted Bed

What type of bed are you going to be using inside the room?

A lifted bed is a nice addition.

This type of bed is going to work well because it’s going to allow you to gain more space underneath the bed.

Desk Organizer

Do you have a desk in the dorm room?

Why not take advantage of it with a comprehensive desk organizer? The desk organizer is going to help open up space on the desk.

We find this important for students because you are going to be utilizing the desk all the time and it should be done the right way.

Wall Hooks In Room

Wall hooks in the dorm room are never a bad option.

These are going to be good for things such as your keys and/or other smaller items that can be set up on the hooks.

Don’t toss these items around and put them in a safe spot such as one of the wall hooks that you install.

Woven Baskets

Woven baskets are beautiful to look at and are going to add warmth to the dorm room.

We find these to be trendy and elegant too.

You are going to get that homely touch with the woven baskets while also being able to use them for blankets and/or towels depending on what you want to put in them.

Coffee Table With Storage

A good coffee table is always a neat option in a dorm room.

You are going to be looking to get a coffee table that will have the ability to store items inside.

This is going to open up new space for you without making it look ungainly. This is what we appreciate about a good coffee table with storage.

Storage Bed With Drawers

A storage bed is going to do a good job for you too.

This type of bed is going to have drawers underneath the bed. This will make it easier to open the drawers, put your clothes/blankets inside, and then close them without thinking twice.

The simplicity of this solution is what makes it wonderful.

Nightstands With Drawers

A nightstand with drawers is something you can rely on when it’s time to open up space in the dorm room.

The premise here is to go with nightstands that are going to have multiple drawers.

This is going to allow you to stuff numerous items inside the drawers and keep them out of sight.

Cube Organizer

A good cube organizer is nice when it is set along the wall.

This will look good and it’s going to allow you to put items inside the organizer without having them get in the way.

It also works well for a modern-day dorm room.

Corner Wall Shelves

We have talked about wall shelves, but what about the corners of the dorm room?

This is where you are going to want to take a peek at corner wall shelves. these types of wall shelves work well because they are creative and are going to open up more space in the corners of the room.