15 Dorm Bathroom Ideas To Use Right Away

Is it time to start working on your dorm bathroom?

It’s always fun to enter a college apartment and hope to do things the right way. We have spent considerable time in this type of setting and you can get creative when it comes to how the dorm bathroom is going to look.

Let’s take a look at the best dorm bathroom ideas to keep in mind.

Burnt Orange Bathroom Decor

It’s always important to have a bit of aesthetic pop to your dorm bathroom.

One idea we feel tends to work well is a burnt orange aesthetic. This one is going to resonate with you and is going to stand out for all the right reasons.

It’s going to add a burst of color but it’s also going to look elegant. We like how this turns out and you can play around with the decor items to make that burnt orange vibe pop even more.

Storage Chair

Do you want to create more space in the bathroom?

Dorm bathrooms can become tight to navigate around and most people are going to want as much space as they can muster.

In that case, you are going to want to buy a storage chair. The storage chair is going to open up new vertical space for you to put accessories in and it’s going to look amazing too.

We find this to be a unique option that’s going to get the job done in a dorm bathroom.

Rolling Cart In The Bathroom

This is another unique option that is going to look amazing.

We love the rolling cart in a dorm bathroom because it’s going to be aesthetically pleasing and you are going to feel confident in how it’s going to turn out. This can be appealing to those who want to make sure they get the right type of finish for the bathroom.

The rolling cart is going to open up more storage space and also be easy to move around!

Floating Shelves With Fake Stems

Vertical spacing is the name of the game in a dorm bathroom.

We would play around with floating shelves.

You can set these up anywhere in the bathroom and then decorate them. This includes adding fake stems in the bathroom to complete the look.

Mood Lighting In The Bathroom

What about the lighting in the dorm bathroom?

This is a wonderful idea that is going to set the tone in the bathroom with the help of accent lighting. You can use fairy lights or any other type of lights to help set the mood.

It is going to make the dorm bathroom more welcoming as soon as it is set up.

Wicker Baskets In The Bathroom

We love wicker baskets.

These are gorgeous and warm. They are going to look amazing as soon as they are in place, plus you are going to feel confident in how the baskets are going to turn out overall.

We adore this aspect of what wicker baskets bring to the table.

Boho Bathroom Interior

What about going with a bohemian interior in the dorm bathroom?

This is a laidback, cool vibe that is going to work well for a dorm bathroom. It is going to have that welcoming elegance that is going to appeal to you and it is going to make you want to stay in the bathroom forever.

This is what we adore about this particular dorm bathroom idea.

Flower Wall In The Bathroom

Want to spice up the wall in the dorm bathroom?

This is one idea that is going to do wonders for you. The flower wall in the bathroom is a real winner and it is going to appeal to you instantly.

We adore how it turns out and it is going to be easy to set up.

Hanging Organizer For Bathroom

Do you have a lot of items in the bathroom that tend to get in the way?

Why not put them in a hanging organizer on the bathroom door? You are going to want to hang the organizer on the inside of the bathroom door and that is going to ensure you feel confident in how it’s going to turn out.

This is ideal for your accessories and it is going to look clean too.

Bulb Mirror

A bulb mirror is never a bad option for those who want to make sure they are getting something aesthetically pleasing.

You are going to enjoy how this mirror is going to pop.

It’s going to be appealing and it’s going to look the part instantly. This is what we enjoy about the bulb mirror.

Wall Art In The Bathroom

Wall art is always gorgeous when it comes to making the most of the wall space in the bathroom.

You are going to fall in love with how it turns out instantly.

There is a certain magic associated with wall art and it’s going to win you over. You are going to adore how it turns out and that’s what matters most.

Slim Cupboard

A slim cupboard is going to be a neat option to add to the dorm bathroom.

We like this type of option because it’s not going to get in the way and you are going to enjoy vertical spacing in the bathroom.

Don’t just throw items into the sink cabinet!

Play around with a slim cupboard and find one that is going to fit into the bathroom instantly.

Peach Bathroom Decor

We always take a look at the type of colors that are available when it comes to a modern dorm bathroom.

Peach works well.

It’s warm, tropical, and just has that elegance to it that is going to make you want to spend time in the dorm bathroom. Early in the morning, this burst of color is going to give you a pep in your step!

Open Shelves

Shelves are always going to be a good option in a dorm bathroom.

We love the idea of setting up open shelves.

These shelves are easy to decorate and they are going to offer a bit of luxury to the space in seconds. This is one option that should be considered because it’s going to work well and it’s going to be safe too.

Neutral Bathroom Decor

Neutral bathrooms are always going to work.

This is a good option for those who don’t want to go crazy when it comes to the use of too many vibrant colors.

Stick to neutral colors and create a clean bathroom look that is going to be welcoming and warm.