Double Pane Window Cracked On Outside! (And What To Do!)

A double-pane window is supposed to be resilient and well-made.

Yet, there is always a breaking point that can be reached depending on what’s happening outside or how the window has been installed. This is why property owners are asked to constantly check the structural integrity of their windows.

You will want to remedy this problem before it worsens.

When it comes to a double pane window cracked on the outside, you have to come up with a simple strategy and begin working on the solution as soon as possible.

If a double pane window is cracked on the outside, it’s best to replace the entire window. Replacing a windowpane can be a time-consuming and costly task with the chance of re-occurring issues. By replacing the frame, the new double pane window settles in the right way.

This article will look at what to do with a double pane window that’s cracked on the outside.

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Reasons To Replace Cracked Double Pane Window

1. Costly To Repair

With a cracked double pane window repair, it’s important to note how costly it can become.

You will have to replace the exterior pane, reseal it, and then make sure the installation is correct. This requires attention to detail and quite a bit of money.

Whether you are doing it on your own or hiring a professional, the cost of repairing a broken exterior window pane is not something you will enjoy.

For most property owners, it’s recommended to invest in a brand-new double-pane window. This will ensure the new installation is intact and is not going to be prone to breakage down the road.

The upfront cost is going to be worth it as you will know the new window will not break quickly or become a major issue down the road. Keep things simple and always look to invest in a brand-new window rather than replacing a single pane.

double pane window cracked on outside

2. Demands Specialized Assistance & Tools

With a broken exterior window pane, you will have to think about how the replacement will take place.

It has to be done by a seasoned specialist that has years of experience and is well aware of what works. These are the most important details to think about as a DIY project might not yield the type of results you are after as a property owner.

One of the hardest parts of the task is resealing the window.

You will have to make sure it’s tight and doesn’t lose that seal after a few days. If it is loose, the window is going to end up breaking as soon as it rattles a little.

3. Time-Consuming

With a replacement windowpane for a cracked window, you will have to realize this is a time-consuming process when you’re thinking about repair work.

It is far better to go with a solution that is less time-consuming and will allow you to get back to taking care of other things in your life.

The best approach is to hire a window specialist and replace the broken window. This will keep things simple and ensure you can feel confident in how the window is going to age.

double pane window cracked on outside

4. Can Lead To Re-Occurring Issues

If the exterior window pane has cracked, you will have to realize fixing it is not a good idea.

If you attempt to repair the windowpane, it is likely going to be loose or not sealed in the right manner. When this happens, the windowpane is going to start breaking down on you and that is when the real trouble arises.

You will have to keep fixing the same window pane and eventually, the interior pane will also crack wide open.

This is when you end up damaging other parts of the window frame and the replacement costs go through the roof.

Final Thoughts

These are the tips to think about when it comes to a double pane window that’s cracked on the outside.

You should not be repairing a double pane window that’s cracked from the outside. This is a costly and time-consuming process that has to be completed by a seasoned professional. The best option is to replace the entire window to ensure the new installation is perfect.

This will save you a lot of money over the long term and provide peace of mind too.

The idea of repairing the double pane window is not a good option as it will create new trouble for you down the road.

It’s better to avoid doing that.

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