Drain Flies Coming From Toilet! (Fixed)

The toilet is supposed to be a place where you can relieve yourself without having to worry about anything else.

For this to happen, you need to make sure the toilet is in good shape and is well-maintained throughout the year.

One of the issues a person might end up dealing with is when drain flies are coming from the toilet.

If drain flies are coming from the toilet, the most likely cause is a damaged seal. To fix the issue, turn off the main water valve, drain the toilet, remove the toilet base, and check the seal between the flange and toilet. This seal will have to be replaced.

In most cases, the drain flies should be coming from the toilet but when the seal breaks down, this becomes a real issue.

You will want to get on top of this as soon as possible to avoid a situation where the toilet becomes unusable.

This article will offer steps on what to do when drain flies are coming from a toilet.

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How To Stop Drain Flies Coming From Toilet

1. Shut Off The Water Valve

Before using a drain flies remover, you will want to think about the root cause.

Most will want to get started by getting rid of the drain flies in the toilet but that is not going to fix the main issue.

To look at what is going on, you will want to shut off the main water valve.

The water valve is going to be located close to the toilet. You will see the pipe that is running into the toilet and it is going to have a small valve on it.

Shut this off to make sure water is not going into the fixture.

drain flies coming from toilet

2. Drain The Toilet

When there are small black flies in a bathroom, you will want to head straight to the toilet to drain it.

The toilet has to be drained because the issue has to do with a faulty seal.

If the seal is not fixed, the toilet is going to continue dealing with these issues. It will also get worse with time.

Look to drain the toilet and make sure everything has been removed before you begin working on the solution.

Always take the time to drain the toilet when working on the seal. You do not want to leave a mess and/or cause water damage in the bathroom.

Being patient during this step is a must as you look to get rid of drain flies in the bathroom.

3. Remove The Toilet Base To Inspect The Seal

If drain flies are in the toilet, you will have to take a look at the seal.

This is going to be located underneath the toilet base.

You will have to make sure the toilet has been drained as that is going to allow you to remove the toilet from its existing spot.

Be careful while doing this and make sure you remove it smoothly.

You do not want to make the seal worse as that is only going to welcome more drain flies into the home.

4. Replace The Seal

The last step is going to be to replace the drain seal.

The seal is going to be located between the sewer flange and the toilet. If the seal is loose and/or damaged, it has to be replaced.

You can find the right option to make sure it is a perfect fit.

When you are installing the new seal, make sure it is as tight as you need it to be. This will keep the drain flies out of the toilet and your bathroom.

In most cases, just completing this fix will get the job done.

Once you are certain the seal is in place, you can always use a drain flies remover to complete the task.

drain flies coming from toilet

Final Thoughts

With the help of this information, you will get rid of the drain flies coming from the toilet.

If drain flies are coming from the toilet, start by turning off the main water valve. Next, drain the toilet, remove the toilet base, inspect the seal, and then replace it. This will ensure the drain flies go away.

It is always going to come down to the gap between the drain and the toilet. If you are not sealing it, you are going to have issues such as these crop up.

It is best to remain alert and ensure the seal is in good standing.

If you are already dealing with this problem, it is best to focus on figuring out what can be done to keep the seal intact.

The steps mentioned here will help.

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