How To Fix Drywall Seams That Are Not Flush (Step-By-Step)

Bulging drywall seams are a common issue people deal with.

Each drywall is going to have a unique set of characteristics and this can include the seams not being set evenly.

If that is the case, you are going to realize the drywall seams are not flush. This leads to a situation where you require a solution as soon as possible.

To fix drywall seams that are not flush, invest in cardboard shims. Resize the shims based on the length you require and secure them against the seam using a short screw. It is highly recommended to use a screw that is less than 2″ long.

Fixing drywall seams that are sticking out can be done with shims. You don’t have to look at any other solution for this type of problem.

This guide will offer a comprehensive breakdown of what you require if the drywall seams are not flush in your setup.

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Steps For Repairing Drywall Seams That Are Not Flush

1. Buy Cardboard Shims

You should look to get started with cardboard shims.

There are wooden shims such as the ones listed above, but you are always better off to go with cardboard shims. These are the best for a DIY project such as this and will lead to far better results when customizing the size.

If not, you can look at other types of shims to see what can be settled into place for the drywall seam.

Once you have the right cardboard shim in place, you can then begin to work out how many you require for the project.

Be diligent during the process and take all of the necessary measurements immediately. You will want to ensure the measurements are accurate for a project such as this.

It’s a must or the drywall seam is going to remain difficult to manage.

2. Cut To Resize The Shims

When figuring out how to hide uneven drywall, you are going to have to begin personalizing the cardboard shims.

This can be done by cutting them down to size.

You will want to measure the drywall seams and how long the cardboard shim has to be. Once you have these measurements, make sure the cuts are clean and even.

This will take a bit of time but it is going to be worth the effort.

The goal has to be to nicely trim the cardboard shims and then settle them into place with the drywall seams.

3. Set Into Place

Your next step is to set the cardboard shims into place to create an even look.

To do this, you are going to push the cardboard shim into place and make sure it does not move. In most cases, it is not going to slide once it is in this place.

However, you are still going to have to secure it using a traditional screw or two.

Take your time with this process and ensure the screw is not going all the way through. This can damage the foundation and that is the last thing you need when a smaller screw will do.

drywall seams not flush

4. Use Short Screw To Secure The Shim

To use a cardboard shim to even the drywall seam, you are going to have to use the right screws.

Most people assume a 2″ screw is required for this as you have to go through multiple layers. No, you are not going to require a screw that is this long!

Instead, look to go with a screw that is closer to 1 1/2″ as that is going to be more than enough to deliver good value to you.

Make sure the screw is flush against the surface and locks the cardboard shim into place. This is a must.

Final Thoughts

This is how to fix drywall seams that are not flush.

Drywall seams that are not flush can be fixed using nothing more than well-placed cardboard shims. You will want to start with a good batch of shims, re-size them for the drywall, and then screw each shim into place using a small screw.

When done right, this will be more than enough to make sure the drywall is even.

You are welcome to use other solutions including plastering but those can be tedious. The cardboard shim is a proven solution that is used by some of the world’s finest experts.

It is a clear-cut option that will work right away regardless of how far out the drywall seam is.

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