My Dyson Air Purifier Smells Bad! (Solved)

Dyson air purifiers are renowned for being efficient, world-class, and easy to use.

It’s common for people to set up these air purifiers around the home because of the results they provide. You are likely in the same boat but it’s not always going to be easy-going.

The issue some people report is when their Dyson air purifier smells bad.

If the Dyson air purifier smells bad, the most likely reason has to do with an overused filter. To fix the issue, remove the filter (if removable), wash it, and re-install everything. If not, replace the filter.

In the short term, you should be looking at increasing the airflow in your room. This will help alleviate some of the smell coming from the Dyson air purifier.

This article will go through a few steps you can follow if the Dyson air purifier smells bad.

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Steps To Follow If Dyson Air Purifier Smells Bad

1. Clean The Filter

If the Dyson air purifier smells like fish, you will have to clean the filter.

These units come with filters and it’s important to keep them clean. A person that is not maintaining the unit will end up in a situation where this happens.

The odor is going to get worse as the filter becomes clogged and/or collects debris. Be careful and set up a schedule so you don’t have to deal with a smelly Dyson air purifier at home.

Some units are going to come with a washable air filter. These filters can be removed from the unit and you can give them a quick clean before putting them back into place. This should take care of the smell and also improve how well the unit purifies the air.

It’s a win-win.

If the unit does not have a washable air filter then you will need to replace the existing one.

This will also take care of the issue.

dyson air purifier smells bad

2. Replace The Filter

If the Dyson air purifier smells bad, you will need to make sure to replace the filter. This does happen as the unit begins to show signs of aging.

It’s common for a person to forget about their air purifier and assume it is going to continue to run like it’s brand-new without maintenance.

This is not going to happen.

You do need to stay on top of things as best as you can. This is the only way to ensure the air purifier does remain safe to use.

Replace the filter if it is not washable and the smell will go away.

3. Open The Window & Increase The Airflow

A good short-term solution is to increase the airflow in your space.

How are you going to do this?

You will want to start by opening the window to let some fresh air in. This is going to help spread the air and also make sure the smell dies down a bit.

You can also increase the airflow by opening the door to the room and/or setting up a fan nearby.

This is going to push air around and will ensure it does not settle into the space. This is when the odor becomes unbearable.

dyson air purifier smells bad

4. Relocate The Dyson Air Purifier

This is another fix if you are looking to find a quick solution that will not require changing or maintaining the filter.

While the filter has to be a top priority with this air purifier, you can look at relocating the unit for now.

The goal is to move the air purifier away from where you are spending most of your time in the room. Place it in a “quieter” part of the space and let it run from there.

This will ensure the smell that is coming from the unit does not bother you.

You should also look to keep it lower to the floor when the smell gets worse.

Final Thoughts

Follow these tips if your Dyson air purifier smells bad.

If the Dyson air purifier smells bad, the most common reason has to do with a clogged and/or aging air filter. To fix the issue, remove the air filter, wash it (if washable), and then re-test the air purifier. If it’s not washable, replace the filter immediately.

This should take care of the issue for good.

A lot of people forget to change the Dyson filter on their purifiers and that is what creates these problems in the first place.

If you remain on top of things, you will see better results and that is what matters most. Look into this and you are going to see the type of results that will bring a smile to your face.

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