Why Is The Electric Fireplace Switch Not Working? (Fixed)

It’s not easy to be in a situation where the electric fireplace stops working.

You will want to determine what the root cause is and how to resolve the issue before it worsens. This includes testing the various components and ensuring the problem is fixed as soon as possible.

To start, you will want to pinpoint the main issue. For this particular situation, you will know, the electric fireplace switch is not working.

If the electric fireplace switch is not working, this means one of the connectors is loose. To fix the issue, remove the fireplace control panel, access the motor connectors, and tighten the loose ones. If they are burned or frayed, replace the connector with a compatible alternative.

With older electric fireplaces, this is a common concern as the connectors do burn out.

If you just moved the electric fireplace, the connectors can loosen due to the movement that occurs. In both situations, you have to be patient and make sure things are done carefully.

This article will take a look at why the electric fireplace switch is not working.

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How To Fix An Electric Fireplace Switch That’s Not Working

1. Access The Fireplace Control Panel

If the electric fireplace switch stops working, you will need to look at the power connectors running to the motor.

This is often the source of your problem.

Keeping this in mind, you will want to start by digging into the fireplace control panel. You should unplug the electric fireplace before opening the access point for the control panel.

In some cases, you will have to take out the electric fireplace and then begin working on it.

The fireplace control panel should be easy to access and will be home to the main motor. This is where you will want to begin your inspection to see what’s going on.

electric fireplace switch not working

2. Inspect Connectors Going To The Motor

For the most part, there will be a few connectors that are running into the electric fireplace motor.

It is these connectors that are likely the root cause of your problem.

A malfunctioning electric fireplace switch is often linked to the connectors. So, when they stop working, the switch will also die.

Start by just looking at the connectors one by one.

You will want to look for specific signs that the connectors are loose and/or ruined. For example, you might notice one of the connectors is frayed. This is reason enough to know it has to be swapped out.

Until then, the electric fireplace switch will not work properly.

3. Tighten Each Connector

Now that you have access to the fireplace control panel, it’s time to tighten each connector.

This should only be done when you are sure about the electrical integrity of the connectors (i.e they are not frayed or burnt).

If they are damaged then you should be replacing them as soon as possible or the switch won’t work.

If an electric fireplace switch won’t work, you need to tighten each connector.

This is often an issue if you recently moved the fireplace.

electric fireplace switch not working

4. Replace All Burned Or Frayed Connectors (If Necessary)

Let’s assume you noticed the connectors were damaged during your initial inspection.

This means it is time to find a replacement connector that can be hooked to the motor. This is the only way your electric fireplace switch is going to work.

Until then, it will not function at all.

The connector needs to be replaced with an equivalent part and it will have to be a perfect fit for things to work out.

Stay patient and make sure you are thorough when it comes to how the electric fireplace is set up.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to an electric fireplace switch that’s not working, it’s best to implement the tips that have been listed here.

If an electric fireplace switch is not working, this means one or more of the connectors are damaged. To fix the issue, access the fireplace control panel, inspect the connectors, tighten and/or replace the connectors one by one.

This will help correct the issue and ensure the fireplace switch begins functioning again as it is engineered to.

For most situations, the connector will only be loose.

This is a simple fix that is not going to take a long time to complete. Just test each connector, tighten it, and then move forward from there. This will ensure the results are on par with what you want.

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