Why Your Electric Fireplace Won’t Turn Off? (Fixed)

It’s not easy to deal with a malfunctioning electric fireplace.

This includes an electric fireplace that refuses to turn on or off when it is supposed to. When this becomes an issue, you are going to have a heating fixture that looks good on the wall but isn’t going to work properly.

So, what do you do if your electric fireplace won’t turn off?

If an electric fireplace won’t turn off, the sensor is likely damaged. To fix the issue, start by resetting the fireplace by unplugging it, waiting five minutes, and then plugging it in again. If this does not work, unplug the fireplace, access the control panel, and tighten the connectors.

In most cases, simply resetting the electric fireplace will ensure it turns on and off the way you want it to.

If it is an older electric fireplace, you might have a situation on your hands where the connectors are too loose or need to be replaced because they’re worn down.

This guide will take a look at both options when your electric fireplace won’t turn off.

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Steps To Follow When Your Electric Fireplace Won’t Turn Off

1. Reset The Electric Fireplace

If an electric fireplace won’t shut off, you will need to look at resetting the fixture.

It’s possible for the sensor to stop working as intended and that can require a simple reset to get things back into working condition.

The best part about resetting an electric fireplace is how easy the process is. All you are going to have to do is unplug the fireplace, wait five minutes, and then plug it back in.

This should reset the fireplace allowing you to use it the way it’s supposed to.

At this point, you can also check to see if the electric fireplace turns off now. If it doesn’t, you can move on to the next step in this guide.

electric fireplace won't turn off

2. Access The Control Panel

If an electric fireplace won’t turn off completely, you will need to dig into the access control panel.

This is located along the bottom or back of the fireplace. The goal here is to make sure you are getting a deeper look at what is happening inside the unit.

This is going to depend on the model and where the electric fireplace is located.

Before doing anything, unplug the fixture and then take a look at the access panel. This is to ensure you don’t put yourself in danger during the process.

3. Tighten or Replace The Connectors

What are you going to be looking for once you are inside the access control panel?

The goal here is to see where the connectors are near the motor. There will be a motor that powers the unit and this is likely what is causing the issue.

By tightening the connectors, you are going to ensure the sensor comes back on. This will allow you to turn the electric fireplace off and on as you please.

Be patient with the connectors and also check for potential damage. If the connectors are damaged, you will need to replace them as soon as you can.

electric fireplace won't turn off

How Do You Turn Off An Electric Fireplace?

To turn off an electric fireplace, find the power button located on the unit or with the access control switch. Each model has a unique mechanism but will likely have two “shut off” methods plus the possibility of unplugging the unit from the outlet.

Do Electric Fireplaces Shut Off Automatically?

Electric fireplaces do shut off automatically when they overheat. They come with a built-in safety mechanism to make sure overheating does not leak to a spark and a potential fire breaking out.

It’s best to be aware of what the fail-safe switch is for the electric fireplace. This can provide peace of mind when running the unit during the day.

Final Thoughts

These are the reasons your electric fireplace won’t turn off and what to do about it.

If an electric fireplace won’t turn off, this means the sensor is likely malfunctioning. To fix the issue, start by resetting the fireplace. This includes unplugging the unit, waiting five minutes, and plugging it back in. If it still doesn’t turn off, access the control panel and tighten or replace the connectors going to the motor.

These are the best options available to you when an electric fireplace doesn’t shut off when it is supposed to.

You can also have a situation where one of the shut-off methods doesn’t work. When this happens, attempt the other way to see whether or not the switch is the issue. This can happen with older units.

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