My Electric Stove Sparks In The Back! (Fixed)

A functional electric stove tends to have multiple components integrated to help with the flow of electricity throughout the appliance.

If one of those components malfunctions, it creates a situation where the stove stops working or begins to produce issues. This includes a situation where the electric stove sparks in the back.

If an electric stove sparks in the back, the most common cause is a loose connection, overpowered electrical circuit, or a damaged spark ignition switch. To fix the issue, check the outlet to ensure it’s producing 220 volts. If not, the outlet will need to be changed. Also, check for damaged wiring and a malfunctioning spark ignition switch in the front panel.

The situation causing your electric stove to spark in the back will vary. For the most part, it will come down to where the voltage is not transferring as it is supposed to throughout the appliance.

If an electric stove sparks in the back, it’s best to take action right away. The longer you wait, the greater the risk of a fire breaking out.

This article is going to take a look at why the electric stove sparks in the back and how to fix the problem.

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How To Fix An Electric Stove That Sparks In The Back

1. Test The Outlet’s Voltage

It’s important to start with the outlet.

It’s one of the most common reasons for an electric stove sparking in the back.

The only thing you should be using is a 220v stove outlet. This is a specialized outlet that is designed for larger electric appliances such as a stove.

If you use a traditional 110v outlet, it is going to create major issues.

One issue will include the electric stove blowing out or it will start sparking. This is why you will need to test the voltage in the outlet.

If it is not a 220v outlet, this is what has to be changed. Until then, you cannot connect the electric stove to this particular outlet because it will continue to spark. In the worst-case scenario, a fire could break out.

electric stove sparks in back

2. Inspect The Wiring

Let’s assume the outlet is fine.

The next step is to look at how the electric stove is connected to the outlet. This includes the wiring that is running from the stove to the outlet.

Make sure this wire is intact and not fraying. If it is damaged, this might be the reason for the sparking.

Always check any exposed wiring associated with the electric stove. It’s a must due to how much of a fire hazard it can become if you are not careful.

3. Check The Spark Ignition Switch

You will want to take the time to check the spark ignition switch.

This is a common problem and it is located near the front of the appliance. It is going to be running underneath the front panel.

The reason to check this is due to it controlling how power flows to the burners. If there is something wrong with the flow of electricity, it will be found here.

Sometimes, a malfunctioning spark ignition switch in the stove can become a real concern and has to be addressed.

See if the spark ignition switch is providing a consistent reading. This can be done by using a multimeter.

electric stove sparks in back

4. Test The Stove

When you have fixed these three issues and checked everything including loose wiring or connectors, it’s time to test the stove.

You will want to make sure the stove is connected securely.

This will ensure the electric stove is going to work the way you want it to and is not going to spark in the back any longer.

Do not rush the testing and make sure to continue testing the stove on different settings. Start with the lowest setting and go from there.

Final Thoughts

These steps should help take care of a situation where the electric stove sparks in the back.

If an electric stove sparks in the back, the reasons can include a loose connection, incorrect outlet, malfunctioning spark ignition switch, or a damaged wire connected to the outlet. Inspect each issue and replace the damaged component as soon as possible.

Until then, the electric stove is going to remain a fire hazard.

Do not attempt to keep using the electric stove when it is sparking in the back. This will only get worse and is going to do a serious amount of damage if you are not careful.

In most cases, one of these three problems will be the root cause of the issue. This is why addressing them will fix the problem instantly.

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