Why Is My Empty Refrigerator Not Cold? (Solved)

Most people will have items inside a fridge when it’s running.

This can include food, drinks, and/or anything else that has to be kept chilled. However, what happens when the fridge is empty?

You could have a situation where an empty refrigerator is not cold.

If an empty refrigerator is not cold, the most common reason is a failure to retain cooling. This occurs when there is a lack of items inside the appliance. To fix the issue, add a few food items or a jug of water. This will help optimize the cooling in the appliance.

For the most part, an empty fridge will not stay cold. It will waste more energy as the cooling is going to have nowhere to go and will eventually spread.

This can create a scenario where the empty fridge feels warm.

This article will explain what you can do when an empty refrigerator is not cold. These simple tips and tricks will ensure an empty fridge does feel cold even if left in this state for long periods.

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Tips To Fix An Empty Refrigerator That’s Not Cold

1. Add A Few Food Items

When an empty fridge is not cold, this is a sign you will have to make a few corrective adjustments.

One of those adjustments will come in the form of adding food items.

Yes, even a few items will act as a way to keep the fridge chilled. Otherwise, you are going to be wasting a tremendous amount of cooling as the fridge attempts to maintain its internal temperature.

When there are food items inside a fridge, it allows the appliance to cool them.

When those food items are cold, they add to the appliance’s cooling, which makes it easier for the fridge to run throughout the day.

Keeping this in mind, you will want to add a few items, so the fridge is not empty.

empty refrigerator not cold

2. Add A Jug Of Water

Just like adding a few food items, you can also look at something like a few gallons of water in a jug.

The water in the jug is going to do the same thing as the food items.

It’s going to act as a way to maintain the cooling inside a fridge as soon as it is chilled. This will take a few hours but the jug of water is going to begin to let off a bit of cooling on its own once cold.

This is what will ensure the fridge is as cold as it needs to be despite the lack of items inside.

3. Increase The Cooling

This is a simple fix.

It is often the first thing a person is going to look to do.

You will want to go to the settings and reduce the temperature. This will increase the cooling inside the appliance allowing more cool air to be pushed into the fridge.

This is going to waste a lot of energy, but it is going to help maintain the type of cooling you are looking for.

The only time this makes sense is when you don’t have food items to add to the fridge.

empty refrigerator not cold

4. Unplug The Fridge

You will want to unplug the fridge.

This is a great way to make sure the fridge is not wasting energy and you don’t have to worry about the components breaking down over time.

For the most part, this is the best fix.

You are going to want to unplug the fridge and make it easier to keep things as efficient as possible.

When you need to use the fridge, plug it back in.

This will be more than enough to yield the results you are hoping for. You will also save on your utility bills by going down this path.

Final Thoughts

These are the tips that will help if an empty refrigerator is not cold.

If an empty refrigerator is not cold, the most common reason is cooling leaking from the appliance. This occurs when there is a lack of food or beverages in the appliance. To fix the issue, add a few gallons of water in a jug or a couple of food items. This will allow the refrigerator to stay cold throughout the day.

This is a simple way to keep things as cold as you want.

When an empty fridge has nothing to cool, it will overwork. This is not a good thing when it comes to maintaining the components. You will be better off unplugging the fridge if you don’t have anything to add to it.

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