Fabric Shower Liner Vs Plastic (Compared)

When setting up a shower liner, most people will know they need one as a protective measure.

However, what they don’t think about is the type of shower liner to buy.

This leads to situations where the wrong shower liner is set up and then it begins dripping water or doesn’t hold up as well. To avoid this, you will want to know what the options are and how they compare to each other.

This includes comparing a fabric shower liner vs plastic.

A fabric shower liner is usually quieter, easier to grip, and longer-lasting. in comparison, plastic shower liners are easier to clean and affordable. Both are effective and it comes down to your specific requirements and budget.

For the most part, it’s recommended to use fabric shower liners because they are eco-friendly and tend to last longer.

This means one investment into a good shower liner will go a long way. Most people don’t want to keep replacing shower liners all the time and getting it right the first time is ideal.

Since you are going to be taking showers all the time, it makes sense to spend a bit of money on a good shower liner.

This article will take a look at the comparison of a fabric shower liner vs plastic while also shedding light on which one is the best fit for you.

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Comparing Fabric Shower Liner Vs Plastic

1. Washability

When it comes to a plastic shower liner vs fabric, you are going to immediately notice the texture.

This plays a role not only in the visual nature of the liner but also in how well it washes.

Plastic shower liners are a breeze to wash and that’s one of their major advantages. The surface is slick, which makes it easier to spray a bit of water and keep them clean.

If you are someone that takes a lot of showers, it’s common to want to keep the shower liner as clean as possible.

With a fabric shower liner, you will have to take it off and wash it separately. Spraying water on it is going to leave a mess behind.

In comparison, a plastic shower liner can be rinsed on the spot.

fabric shower liner vs plastic

2. Longevity

How long does each type of shower liner last?

Fabric shower liners tend to last longer because they are made of a thicker material. This means regular use is not going to break them down as easily.

In comparison, plastic shower liners are known to tear quickly.

If you want long-lasting shower liners then the fabric is the way to go. It will hold up well, especially if you keep it clean throughout the year.

3. Impact on the Environment

Most people don’t realize this but plastic shower liners are bad for the environment.

You are contributing to adding plastic to the world when this material dies out. This is why most prefer to go with something that will last longer and is going to be a common part of the bathroom for years to come.

Plastic shower liners have to be replaced often and that impacts the planet.

fabric shower liner vs plastic

4. Noise

When you walk up to a shower liner, you don’t want it to make a lot of noise. This can be annoying and it will also make it difficult to move the shower curtain out of the way without it being noticeable.

This is why a lot of people prefer a more comforting, quieter experience.

For this to happen, you will need to invest in fabric shower liners. These are the only type of liners that are known for being quiet due to the thicker material. It does not rub against itself and will not make an unappealing noise every time.

This makes it useful for those who want to ensure their experience is a good one and it’s as quiet as possible.

Final Thoughts

These are the details to think about when comparing a fabric shower liner vs plastic.

Fabric shower liners are known for being quieter, more resilient, and eco-friendly. In comparison, plastic shower liners are easier to wash and more affordable. Both are valid options, but fabric shower liners are known for being a better investment.

It’s ideal to look at both options to see what works for you.

Some will prefer a quick fix such as a plastic shower liner and will continue to replace the liner as the old one ages.

However, others want a longer-term option, which is why fabric shower liners continue to be a go-to option for loads of people worldwide.

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