Farmhouse Sink Vs Regular Sink (Compared)

When choosing a sink for your kitchen, it’s normal to want to find something that’s versatile, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

With this standard in mind, you are going to come across a multitude of options. Some will look nice while others are going to leave you wanting more.

According to experts, the two most common options available on the open market would be a farmhouse sink and a regular sink. This is when it becomes important to compare a farmhouse sink vs a regular sink.

A farmhouse sink has a deep cut exposing the front once it’s installed. In comparison, a regular sink has a “built-in” design, which is not exposed from the side.

For the most part, choosing between a farmhouse sink vs a regular sink comes down to preference. Do you want to go with a sink that is exposed from the front or do you want a more traditional design?

There is no wrong answer when it comes to finding the right sink for your kitchen moving forward.

To make it easier on you, here is a detailed look at the differences between a farmhouse and a regular sink.

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Comparing A Farmhouse Sink And A Regular Sink

1. Design

You have to begin with the design as that is one of the standout differences between a regular sink and a farmhouse sink.

It will be noticeable as soon as you take a look at both options.

The farmhouse sink is going to have an exposed lip. This means the front of the sink is going to be uncovered and visible.

In comparison, a regular sink has a more traditional design. This means it is set into the countertop to remain covered from all sides.

This is done to offer a more seamless design where the sink is not as prominent. Instead, the countertop and faucet take over visually.

farmhouse sink vs regular sink

2. Installation

It’s always important to consider the installation phase.

With the farmhouse sink, the installation is far more delicate and has to be done with a high level of care. This is due to the exposed lip.

If the sink is not set right, it might slide. It can also start to leak when the installation along the sides isn’t robust.

A lot of mistakes are made in this manner and it’s important to stay on top of things when it comes to how you are installing a farmhouse sink.

A traditional sink is often easier to install as long as the cut-out is perfectly sized. This is going to ensure the sink goes into the space and doesn’t budge.

3. Durability

Farmhouse sinks are far more exposed from the front.

This means they are prone to get damaged and might not last as long as a traditional sink.

Anything can ruin the surface and this can lead to issues including hairline cracks along the front of the farmhouse sink.

On the other hand, a regular sink is going to be protected from all sides.

This is not only a visual difference but also one that is going to increase how protected the sink is from long-term damage.

farmhouse sink vs regular sink

4. Value

The last detail to think about would be the overall value of the sink.

A farmhouse sink tends to be more of a show-stopper as a fixture. This means it draws the eye in and that is something property owners do need to think about when adding a fixture such as this one.

Do you want a sink that is visible and noticeable?

Do you want other fixtures in the kitchen to hold more weight visually? These are the details that will matter.

A regular sink does better when you want it to become just another part of the kitchen. If you want the sink to be the centerpiece then a farmhouse sink will do better.

Of course, it is also essential to keep a note of the overall theme. The right sink has to flow with the rest of the theme.

Final Thoughts

These are the main details to consider as you choose between a farmhouse sink vs a regular sink.

A farmhouse sink is going to have an exposed lip. In comparison, a regular sink will be built into the countertop and is going to be protected from all sides. A regular sink is more durable, but not as unique as a farmhouse sink.

The right option is the one that works for your space.

If you want a sink that stands out, you will want to go with the farmhouse sink. Otherwise, the regular sink is never a bad idea.

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