My Faucet Is Too Close To Back Of Sink! (Fixed)

The positioning of a faucet is important when it comes to the sink and everything else nearby.

It’s important for the spacing to be perfect or you can end up dealing with unwanted leaks and/or related damage.

This is why it’s best to have a plan when a faucet is too close to the back of a sink.

If a faucet is too close to the back of a sink, the easiest solution is to invest in a high-arch faucet since it will extend further out. This will ensure the water does not splash onto the countertop.

Any other solution is going to be labor-intensive, inconvenient, and costly. In some cases, it still might not work out because the new hole will only function when the older one is filled up.

In most situations, you are not going to want to leave a hole in front of the faucet as it will look ungainly and be difficult to hide.

This is why installing a high-arch faucet when the hole is too close to the sink is ideal. It will save you a lot of trouble.

This guide will highlight what you can do if a faucet is too close to the back of a sink.

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Tips If Faucet Is Too Close To The Back Of A Sink

1. Use A High-Arch Faucet

The best solution when a faucet is too close to the sink is to use a high-arch faucet.

Why is this the case?

A traditional faucet tends to remain tucked in, which leads it to press right against the back of the sink as the water falls.

This is not ideal because when you put your hand under the faucet, the water will begin to flow everywhere.

This is why you have to be focused and make sure to use a high-arch faucet.

This will stick out enough to make sure the water falls freely.

faucet too close to back of sink

2. Attempt To Widen The Hole

You will also want to think about widening the hole if you don’t wish to use a high-arch faucet.

The reason for doing this is to see if the faucet can be moved back a few inches. This might be enough to get the job done.

Of course, you will also need a faucet that has a longer base, which will help hide the rest of the hole in your countertop.

It is not easy to find a faucet like this, but you will want to consider this as a potential option if you’re looking to stay away from a high-arch faucet.

3. Avoid Creating A New Hole

This is not recommended.

You should not look to create a new hole in the countertop because that is going to be a much bigger job.

This is going to lead you to not only cut a new hole in the frame but also make sure the plumbing is in the right spot.

You will also have to account for how the old hole is going to be filled up. Otherwise, it will look off.

This is why you are best suited to avoid drilling a new hole into the countertop.

faucet too close to back of sink

4. Re-Position The Faucet

This is possible depending on the type of faucet you are working with.

If the faucet is too close to the sink, you will want to move how the faucet is set up. Sometimes, a faucet can be adjusted slightly to the back to create a bigger gap.

This depends on the size of the hole and how the faucet is installed.

Consider this by loosening the faucet and re-attempting to position it on the countertop. See if this makes it better and easier to manage.

This is a much easier fix and might get the job done when it comes to managing a faucet that is installed too close to the sink.

How Far Back From Sink Should Faucet Be?

A faucet should be at least 5-6″ away from the sink. This creates enough space for the faucet to work well and remain accessible when managing the waterfall.

Final Thoughts

These are the tips to consider if a faucet is too close to the back of a sink.

If a faucet is too close to the back of a sink, your best option is to invest in a high-arch faucet. This faucet will extend further out making it easier to manage the waterfall even if the hole is close to the sink.

Other options can include widening the hole or repositioning the faucet.

However, one thing you should not be doing is drilling a new hole into the countertop. This is a much bigger job and is going to be costly too.

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