21 Elegant First Apartment Gifts You Should Buy

First apartments are special and most people are going to want to improve their look and get them to shine.

If you are going to be visiting someone, you are going to want to find a good housewarming gift for them.

This is the least you could do!

To get things right, you are going to want to find the best first apartment gifts you can locate on the open market.

Here are our first apartment gift ideas to keep in mind.


Most people are going to use matches and/or lighters when it comes to lighting something up at home.

Why not get them a slick, new Firestarter?

There are so many variations on the open market and you can personalize it based on their personality.

Espresso Spoons

Does the person love their coffee?

Why not mix things up a bit and look for a solution that’s going to work well for their needs and is going to add value to their drink?

Espresso spoons are a neat touch and quite elegant too as long as you choose well.


Kettles are a nice gift.

People are going to want to use them in the kitchen whether it’s to boil water or to make tea. If so, it’s nice to get one that’s going to be sleek and in line with modern standards.

It’s easy to choose one that’s stylish.

Cheese Platter

Cheese platters are not the first gift idea you are going to think about.

This gift idea for a new apartment is wonderful because it’s convenient, easy to manage, and is going to look amazing from all angles.

Think about this to make sure you get to enjoy the platter the right way.

Mixology Bartender Set

It’s common for some people to love mixing alcohol and creating refreshing beverages right in the comfort of their apartment.

This is an enticing gift that’s going to be remembered for a long time.

We adore this type of gift because it’s interesting and is going to entertain those who visit the apartment too.

Whiskey Container

This gift is going to depend on the recipient.

If they love their liquor, you are going to want to get a beautiful whiskey container for them. It’s a sleek gift that’s going to appeal to them and is going to ensure their liquor bottle is in a safe spot.

Crystal Glasses

Crystal glasses are wonderful and are going to be an awesome gift for the host.

They are going to love the idea of these glasses because they work well for guests and are going to elevate the aesthetic of the apartment.

Go with this and know the gift is going to work out.


Baskets are wonderful because they optimize a smaller space such as an apartment.

The person can use the basket to make sure they are storing towels and/or blankets in them when they are not in use.

It keeps the clutter out of the way in the apartment.

Throw Blanket

When it comes to unique accessories for the home, throw blankets are always going to be a winner.

They are aesthetically pleasing and just have that natural charm you are going to be gunning for with a new gift.

Look into this and know it’s going to shine through as soon as you move forward with the throw blanket.

Tea Set

Tea sets are great.

They are elegant, easy on the eyes, and are going to be classy as a gift too. People like receiving this type of gift because it is in line with what they prefer.

The person is going to enjoy this if they are tea drinkers.

Scented Candles

The first thing a person notices when they walk into an apartment is the scent.

This is due to how enclosed this space is. It tends to collect odors, so you are not going to want to ignore the candles that are being used inside.

Think about this and make sure you are gifting nicely scented candles for the apartment.

Photo Hanger

Most people are going to take the time to put up photos around their apartment and it does make a real difference.

You will want to take the time to go with a beautiful photo hanger that’s going to get the job done from all angles.

This is going to include hanging up photos based on stylistic preferences that you are going for.

Coffee Table Tray

The coffee table should not be left bare.

This is one of those home decor standards that are always going to be kept in mind and it’s essential to break things down properly.

This includes going with a comprehensive coffee table tray.

The coffee table tray should be a neutral color to make sure it works for the recipient’s coffee table too.

Gold Candle Holders

This specific color is going to work well in most apartments.

You are going to help rejuvenate the aesthetic of the apartment and help give it a bit of pop. This is what a lot of new apartments lack, so you are going to want to give this gorgeous addition to the recipient.


Vases are a staple when it comes to apartments.

They are sleek, unique, and just work.

You will want to gift a vase as a housewarming gift to make sure it adds value to the home. Go with something sleek and stylish to make sure it elevates the room it’s in.

Ottoman Set

Ottomans are all the rage these days in home decor.

For those who are looking to gift someone with a new apartment, it’s time to think about getting an ottoman set.

The ottoman set is going to work wonders because it can be used in different places and is also going to be aesthetically pleasing.

French Press

Those who love drinking coffee are going to have a big smile on their faces as soon as they get to see a French press.

It’s such a unique coffee-making appliance and one that’s going to work for them.

Look into this and know this is an appliance that will win them over instantly.

Wall Art

Wall art is a large category.

This is one gift that tends to work because it is going to amplify the look of the first apartment and is going to resonate with their needs.

Of course, you want to look at wall art that’s classy and is going to work in an apartment. Don’t go with something whacky as it will stand out too much.

Sleek Coasters

Coasters are wonderful and are going to resonate with those who are going to want to put them out on their tables as soon as guests arrive.

These tend to get used a lot.

Go with nice ones to help the aesthetic of the place pop.

Candle Holders

Candle holders are empowering.

This is such a classic housewarming gift and one you are going to want to take the time to consider.

We adore this gift because you can choose the design that works for you. Go for an elegant design that’s going to work for the first apartment.

Gardening Kit

Apartments don’t have backyards, so it’s not as easy to build a garden but that does not mean it’s impossible.

The best approach is to go with a gardening kit.

This gardening kit is going to allow the person to grow a small garden on their balcony.