Can You Put The Freezer in A Garage in The Summer? (Solved)

The summer months can bring along with them a new set of problems to account for.

This can include the placement of specific appliances that might have been kept indoors before. You might even wonder about putting a freezer in the garage in the summer.

You can put a freezer in the garage in the summer as long as the temperature is below 110°F (43°C). This will ensure the freezer will function at 100% and not break down. It’s also recommended to keep it out of the sunlight to prevent undue exposure to heat.

If you do this, you will have no trouble putting the freezer in the garage when it’s hot outside.

Just make sure you are also taking the time to find a safe spot for the freezer in your garage. You don’t want it to be physically compromised as that is what can cause it to break down or stop working.

This article will explain in greater detail what to account for when putting a freezer in the garage in the summer.

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How To Put Freezer In A Garage In The Summer

1. Keep Temperature Under 110°F (43°C)

The temperature has to be the first detail to account for.

How hot is it in the garage during the warmest time of the year? Will you be able to keep it under 110°F (43°C)?

This is the maximum temperature a freezer can sit in for long periods.

If the temperature is above 110°F (43°C), this will damage the appliance to the point of no return. You have to make sure the freezer does not get burned out because it was too hot in the garage.

If you can do this, the freezer will be fine in the garage all summer long. Putting the freezer in a hot garage is all about the temperature. Once you figure that out, you will see impressive results.

freezer in garage in summer

2. Keep Out Of The Sunlight

You will want to keep the freezer out of the sunlight.

There is nothing worse than having the freezer in a safe spot within the garage and then having the sunlight hit it for hours.

This is going to create excessive heat in the spot where the sunlight is. It’s natural for this to happen (think of a car’s interior when parked outside).

You can’t have the freezer set up in such a place.

As a result, keeping it away from any window in the garage is a must. This includes any small window that is found on a garage door.

3. Don’t Overload The Freezer

You will also want to think about how the freezer is loaded.

It’s common to have a freezer loaded to the brim but that is only normal when it is kept at room temperature.

If it is already hot inside the garage, an overloaded freezer will be pushed to the brink. You have to keep some leeway in this regard.

Otherwise, you will have a freezer that is running on maximum all the time to keep the food cool.

Don’t push the freezer that hard or it will break down.

freezer in garage in summer

How Can I Keep My Garage Freezer Cool In The Summer?

To keep a garage freezer cool in the summer, place it away from the sunlight, regularly check the temperature, and make sure it’s not overloaded. This will ensure that the freezer can function efficiently without being compromised.

Does Hot Weather Affect Freezer?

Hot weather can affect the freezer. The maximum temperature to keep a freezer in is set at 110°F (43°C). Anything beyond this is considered too hot for the freezer to last in for more than a few minutes. It’s also best to ensure the freezer is not kept in direct sunlight as that can rapidly increase the internal temperature.

You have to be meticulous when it comes to the placement of a freezer during the warmer months.

Final Thoughts

Can you put a freezer in the garage in the summer?

You can put a freezer in a garage in the summer. To do this, make sure the freezer is out of the sunlight and the temperature doesn’t increase past 110°F (43°C). If you do this, the freezer will work fine as long as it is not loaded to the top.

Be diligent and keep track of the temperature inside a garage. This is the only way to protect a freezer from burning out due to excessive heat.

If you can pay attention to this, there is nothing wrong with putting a freezer in the garage when it’s hot outside.

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