Why Is The Fridge Freezer Hot Between Doors? (How To Fix It!)

The fridge freezer combination is designed with a split down the middle.

This is done on purpose to help separate the fridge and freezer sections from each other. It’s an all-in-one appliance that is designed for contemporary households where it’s not easy to set up two separate units.

Keeping this in mind, you will want to observe how the fridge freezer is doing at all times. This includes figuring out why the fridge freezer is hot between the doors.

A fridge freezer can become hot between the doors due to airflow issues over the condenser coil. To fix it, remove the front grille and clean the condenser coil using a brush. If it’s still not working, the condenser fan is the main troublemaker. You will have to unplug the appliance, remove the lower access panel turn the blade with your hand. This will help reset it.

In some cases, the condenser fan does give out, which means it will have to be replaced.

Here is a detailed look at each step when fixing a fridge freezer that is hot between the doors.

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How To Fix Fridge Freezer Hot Between Doors

1. Inspect the Condenser Coil

The reason a fridge freezer is hot between the doors likely starts at the condenser coil.

This is responsible for managing the cooling in the fridge once the air flows from the fan. If there is any issue with the coil or the air isn’t flowing to it, the temperature concerns will begin.

It’s important to start by inspecting the condenser coil to ensure it’s not damaged or out of place.

2. Clean the Condenser Coil With Brush

To fix a fridge freezer that’s hot between the doors, you will want to look to clean the condenser coil with a simple brush.

The brush will allow you to get into the crevices and remove any lingering debris that is causing issues. It is common for this type of problem to occur if the fridge is older and is starting to wear down.

This does not mean you have to replace the coil.

Just attempt to clean it using a brush and get as much of it as possible. When done patiently, this should help resolve the issue as soon as you want it to be resolved.

3. Inspect the Condenser Fan

You will now want to move on to the next part of the process.

In some cases, just cleaning the condenser coil will help regulate the temperature. If not, you will have to move towards assessing the source of the airflow in the appliance (i.e. the condenser fan).

The condenser fan might have been damaged over time.

It’s also possible the condenser fan is not working as it is supposed to. This means the blades are not turning quickly and that is causing the airflow to become restricted. When the airflow is restricted, it stops working as you want it to.

The goal is to have a steady airflow in the fridge freezer appliance.

If you do notice a change and you can’t feel the air going over the condenser coil then it is likely the fan that’s giving you trouble.

fridge freezer hot between doors

4. Unplug Fridge and Turn the Fan Blade Clockwise

At this point, you will want to unplug the fridge.

There are two potential issues to resolve.

  • The Blades Not Spinning Properly
  • The Fan Not Working At All

For the first problem, you are going to take your hand and turn the fan blade clockwise. This will likely cause it to get back into line and start turning as it is expected to. It is a simple fix that will take a few seconds.

You can plug the fridge in and test whether or not that helped.

If not, you are now looking at a more costly fix. This means replacing the condenser fan because it’s fully damaged and is not going to work on its own.

Once the fan is replaced, the fridge freezer will begin working as it is supposed to.

Final Thoughts

These are the tips to follow if a fridge freezer is hot between doors.

If a fridge freezer is hot between the doors, you will want to inspect the condenser coil. It is common for the air to stop flowing over the condenser coil causing it to stop cooling that part of the appliance. Take a brush and wipe the surface of the coil. After this, unplug the appliance and test the condenser fan. You will do this by turning the fan place clockwise. This should help fix the fan blade as necessary.

These are simple tips that will work in making sure the fridge freezer functions as desired.

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