Why Is Frigidaire Gas Oven Not Working But Burners Are? (Solved!)

Getting a Frigidaire gas oven can be exciting.

It is a world-class brand and one that is known for engineering wonderful appliances. Keeping this in mind, you might wonder why the Frigidaire gas oven is not working but the burners are.

A Frigidaire gas oven that’s not working but the burners are is likely turned off from the back. This happens when a new gas oven is installed. The line to the burners is activated while the oven’s is not. To fix this issue, remove everything off of the oven, set it to BROIL + HIGH, and pull the oven forward. You will now see a small lever on the back. Push this lever back and that will turn on the heat.

It’s a simple fix that is going to take no more than a few seconds. It’s a common issue because installers forget to turn on the heat to the oven.

This article will explain in greater detail for those who want to make sure their Frigidaire gas oven is working properly.

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How To Fix Frigidaire Gas Oven Not Working But Burners Are

1. Make Sure The Oven Is Cleared

When a gas oven is not heating up but the burners work, you are going to wonder what’s going on. Some might even believe the gas oven is a dud and has broken down.

This is incorrect.

The gas oven simply has to be set to produce heat and that will happen with a simple assessment of its current setup.

To do this, you are going to want to start by removing everything off of the Frigidaire gas oven. This includes on top of the burners and inside the oven too.

Do not attempt to fix this issue before clearing the gas oven. This is important.

2. Turn Oven To “BROIL” & Put On High

You will now go to the settings and turn the gas oven on to “BROIL.”

From this point, you are going to quickly set the heat to HIGH. This will maximize the amount of heat that is generated by the gas oven as it keeps running.

You will want to do this to make sure you can test the heat when you make the change.

Take your time during this step and make sure you have it in the right setting. This will go a long way in making sure your gas oven does work properly.

3. Push Oven Forward And Look At The Back

You will now push the oven forward away from the wall.

The goal is to access the back of the oven to make sure you can move it around as required. A lot of people don’t know but there is a lever located on the back of the Frigidaire oven.

In most cases, this solution works with all types of ovens including other companies.

You will want to push the oven forward so you can get behind it. This will ensure you have full access to everything that is set up on the back of the Frigidaire gas oven.

Now, you are going to start scanning the back to find a lever. It will be a small one that is somewhere near the middle of the oven but each model is different.

frigidaire gas oven not working but burners are

4. Find Lever And Push It Backward

The last step is to simply find the lever and push it backward.

It will likely be tilted forward and that means the heat won’t get through. You want to make sure it is pushed back to turn on the gas oven.

Once you do this, you will hear a hiss and that means the gas oven is fully functional. You are welcome to give it a test run at this point.

Final Thoughts

Why is the Frigidaire gas oven not working but the burners are?

If a Frigidaire gas oven is not working but the burners are, this means the gas has not been turned on to a part of the appliance. This happens during the installation phase and is quite common. To fix the issue, you will want to clear off the oven, set it to BROIL + HIGH, and then pull the oven forward to access its back. Now, find the lever and push it backward. This will turn on the heat.

It’s a quick fix and one that is common across all types of gas ovens.

Take your time during each step and ensure the gas oven is back to its original spot before using it.

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