How To Remove Gas Fireplace Soot On Siding (Solved)

Soot is a part of running your gas fireplace.

This black substance is a byproduct of keeping the gas fireplace on and has to be kept in mind when cleaning the fixture. This is why routine maintenance is highly recommended for a gas fireplace owner.

One issue that does pop up often is a gas fireplace with soot on the siding.

To remove gas fireplace soot on a siding, start by sweeping using a hard-bristled brush. Once done, mix a gallon of water, 1/3 cup of detergent, and 1/2 cup of household cleaner. Apply this formulation on the siding and let it sit. Rinse away the residue.

This is one of the most effective ways to clean soot in a gas fireplace.

Here is a breakdown of what to do when dealing with gas fireplace soot on sidings and what to use during the process.

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Steps To Remove Gas Fireplace Soot On Siding

1. Sweep Siding With Hard-Bristled Brush

When learning how to clean soot off aluminum siding, it’s important to start with the basics including a simple hard-bristled brush.

The brush is key as it will get rid of the loose soot sitting on top.

Some of the soot will have ingrained itself into the siding, but other particles will still be loose. You can work away on these particles using nothing more than the brush.

Sweep hard and make sure to cover the entire area that has soot on it.

Be patient with this step as it will help get rid of the soot on the siding of a house. You don’t want to start applying any cleaner or solution for this task as it won’t work well without the brush being used first.

When you are fully satisfied with brushing soot off of a siding, it’s time to move on to the next step.

gas fireplace soot on siding

2. Mix Detergent + Household Cleaner + Water

If you want to learn how to remove soot from wood siding, it’s best to apply the right formulation right away.

What is the mixture going to consist of?

The goal is to take a bit of detergent (1/3 cup), a household cleaner (1/2 cup), and a gallon of water. Mix these ingredients and it will create a nice, foamy mixture that is ready to clean soot off of the siding.

You don’t have to be exact with these measurements but it is recommended to follow the amounts listed here.

You will get a much better mixture that is going to take the soot off of the siding in seconds.

3. Apply Mixture To Siding Using Brush

You will want to start applying the mixture to the siding using a brush.

The goal is to spread it from one end to the other to get a consistent look. This is a must if you want to get the type of results that will clean the soot off the siding instantly.

This is key as you learn how to remove soot off of a house.

Be patient during this step and continue to work the mixture in. It will not harm the siding and is going to clean it right away.

gas fireplace soot on siding

4. Rinse The Surface After 15 Minutes

It is important to make sure you are rinsing the surface after you are don’t. Don’t walk away assuming everything is good to go!

You will have to take a hose and begin to water down the surface.

To do this the right way, rinse the surface after 15-20 minutes. This will let the mixture settle in and loosen the soot before it is washed away using a simple hose.

When you begin to rinse the surface using a hose, it will start to drip down. The surface will become noticeably cleaner and you will appreciate the results.

If you still believe a little bit of soot is leftover, it’s never a bad idea to repeat the process.

Final Thoughts

These are the tips on how to remove gas fireplace soot on a siding.

To remove gas fireplace soot on a siding, start by cleaning the surface using a hard-bristled brush. Once done, create a cleaning mixture with 1/3 cup of detergent, 1/2 cup of household cleaner, and 1 gallon of water. Apply this mixture to the wall and work it in using a brush. Wash away using water after 15 minutes.

This is a quick fix and one that will ensure the soot is off of the siding as soon as you want it to be.

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