Gas Line Causes Stove To Stick Out (Solved)

It’s normal to want a stove to sit flush against the wall.

This is not always going to happen depending on the layout of the kitchen and where the gas line is set up. It’s common for a gas line to cause a stove to stick out.

If a gas line is causing a stove to stick out, the best solution is to call a plumber to cut open the wall, relocate the gas line to a more suitable spot, and patch up the wall. This will help push the stove back to where it needs to be.

Due to the nature of this task, it should only be completed by a certified professional with years of qualified experience.

In some cases, a plumber might not be willing to repair the wall. This happens because the fixing of drywall is not in their job description or in line with their skillset. In a situation such as this, it’s best to line up a secondary contractor to fix the hole in the wall.

This article will break down each step when it comes to a gas line that is causing a stove to stick out.

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How To Fix Gas Line Causing Stove To Stick Out

1. Call A Specialist

When rerouting a gas line for the stove, it’s important to go with a specialist.

This is essential due to the type of fixture you’re working with. Any issues with the gas line could do a significant amount of damage to the appliance and home.

The best solution is to call a specialist who can help reroute the gas line behind the stove without making too much mess.

The gas line behind a stove is important and it needs to be handled with care.

The specialist will go through everything, assess where the gas line has to sit and then complete the task.

gas line causes stove to stick out

2. Cut A Hole In The Wall To Access The Gas Line

The first step in the process is to cut a hole in the wall.

This will be done to access where the gas line is meeting the stove. Most plumbers will do this by cleanly cutting a part of the wall that will allow them to dig deeper into the structure of the property.

This is how the gas line is going to be readjusted to where it needs to be.

Depending on how much the gas line has to be moved, they will cut the whole based on that measurement.

3. Relocate The Gas Line

The next step is to relocate the gas line.

This is going to be based on where the gas line is currently sitting and where it needs to go for the gas stove to sit properly.

For example, some might only need it to be moved a few inches.

It is important for the gas line to still be functional and safe. If that is the case, it is best to look at a solution that will keep it in a snug spot that is not going to become an issue later on.

The specialist will go through these details with you before completing the task.

gas line causes stove to stick out

4. Patch Up The Wall

This step is going to have to be done to make sure the gas line is not exposed. You should do this before connecting the stove to the gas line.

The goal here is to patch up the wall or tiling based on what is behind the stove.

Most plumbers are not going to do this for you. As a result, you need a wall repair specialist that can take care of this for you.

It should be done so it looks back to how it was before the relocation took place.

Final Thoughts

These steps will work if a gas line causes the stove to stick out.

If a gas line causes a stove to stick out, the best solution is to call a specialist. They will cut a hole in the wall near the gas line, relocate it to a safer spot, and then patch up the wall back to how it was.

In some cases, two specialists will be required.

One will do the relocation and the second is going to work on fixing the wall that has been cut into.

Always take the time to prepare both steps so you are not left with a large hole in the wall when the gas line has been relocated. This is something you should speak to the specialist about before they begin working.

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