Why Is There A Gas Smell From The Fireplace When Off? (Answered)

The smell of gas in any part of the room is frightening.

You will want to determine what the issue is as soon as possible. This can be a significant health risk and should be located immediately.

It’s normal to wonder about the gas smell from the fireplace when it’s off.

If there is a gas smell from the fireplace when off, the most common reason is a leak in or around the line. It’s recommended to check for specific signs such as bubbles or dander, a damaged gas valve, or any other component that’s frayed. To fix this issue, look for bubbles on the gas valve, if present turn it off immediately. If nothing is visible, don’t run the gas fireplace. Let a specialist inspect it thoroughly.

It’s important to note, a gas leak of any type is dangerous. You should NOT use the fireplace in a situation such as this.

Until a specialist has taken a look, you should not be venturing down this path at all.

This article will take a look at why there is a gas smell coming from a fireplace when it’s off and what to do about it.

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How To Fix Gas Smell From Fireplace When It’s Off

1. Look for Bubbles & Pet Dander

Before doing anything, you should take a quick peek at bubbles on the gas valve connector.

This can be a sign there is a gas leak of some type that is creating issues. You should look for all signs of dirt, dust, or pet dander that settles on the gas fireplace.

Why is this important?

This may be what is causing the stink in your house. Some property owners will confuse this with the smell of gas, which can be concerning.

Your goal should be to see if certain parts of the gas fireplace need cleaning. This will allow you to first clean the gas fireplace before calling a specialist.

gas smell from fireplace when off

2. Turn Off The Gas Valve

Now turn off the gas valve.

You are going to want to immediately turn off the gas valve to ensure nothing continues to leak.

If there is a visible leak, it is important to immediately cut the source. The more you delay, the more that leaking gas will spread.

Be careful and make sure to close the gas valve right away.

3. Check for the Leak

You are now going to start looking for any reason that there is a leak.

This is assuming you have already checked for dust, debris, and pet dander.

If there’s a leak, you are going to have to call a specialist. They are the only ones equipped to inspect the entire gas line and pinpoint where the issue is in your gas fireplace.

Remember, you should not be taking risks with something like this. It is dangerous and can be life-threatening to anyone inside the property.

Be careful and let the specialist take a look if necessary.

4. Clean the Fireplace

You can take the time to clean the fireplace.

This is a common issue because older fireplaces will collect dust, dander, and more. These are problems you are going to have to deal with but it’s easy to forget from time to time.

By having a cleaning session, you can use a fireplace vacuum to clean up the mess. This might get rid of the gas-like smell in the room.

If the gas fireplace smells like rotten eggs, it might just be an unclean fixture. Go through the cleaning session and then check if the gas smell is there.

If it is still noticeable, you will have to move on to the next step.

gas smell from fireplace when off

5. Seek Professional Assistance Right Away (If Necessary)

This is a step you have to take seriously.

If a gas fireplace smells like chemicals, you need to console with a fireplace specialist. They will know how to repair the fireplace and assess whether or not there’s a gas leak in the fixture.

If there is a leak in the fireplace, they will be able to fix it on the spot.

Do not attempt to fix it by yourself as it is easy to mix little details. Each situation is unique and only a specialist will know what to do.

How Do I Know If My Fireplace Is Leaking Gas?

You can tell a fireplace is leaking gas when there are small bubbles near the valve. This indicates the connector is not holding properly and is starting to release gas. When this happens, immediately turn off the gas valve and call a specialist.

Final Thoughts

These are the main steps to consider if there’s a gas smell from a fireplace when it’s off.

If there’s a gas smell from a fireplace when it’s off, the most common reason is a gas leak. Inspect the gas valve connector for bubbles. This is a sign there’s leaking gas in the fireplace. If you see it, turn off the gas valve immediately and call a specialist. Other reasons can include pet dander, dust, and other debris.

It’s always best to speak to a professional when it comes to gas leaks. This is a serious issue and one that has to be taken care of by a trained specialist.

Your only DIY option is to clean the fireplace. If that does not work, move on to a professional immediately.

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