Why Your Gas Stove Burner Partially Lights (Fixed)

When a gas stove is turned on, it’s automatically assumed it will work at 100% and is not going to provide partial results.

If one of the internal components is not working or isn’t firing properly, this can create a situation where the stove doesn’t heat.

One example of this is when the gas stove burner partially lights.

If a gas stove burner partially lights, this means the burner holes or ignition ports are filled with debris. This causes clogging and is dangerous. To fix the issue, check the connectors going into the burner, remove the debris and check to see if the burner is functional. if not, the burner might have to be replaced.

This is the only way to make sure the burners start to light properly.

With older gas stoves, this type of problem is common and it’s something that will pop up from time to time. The best response in a situation such as this is to make sure the debris is removed from the port as soon as possible.

This article will look into what you have to do when the gas stove burner partially lights.

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Steps To Follow If Gas Stove Burner Partially Lights

1. Check The Connectors

If the gas stove burner is not working properly, you will need to test the connectors that are running to the burner.

These connectors can fray and/or burn depending on the amount of pressure that is put on them when the stove is on.

To check the connectors, remove the burner and see what is underneath. You will notice connectors that are running into the burner.

Check each connector and make sure everything is intact.

If it is not, this is likely the reason for the gas stove burner partially lighting rather than running the way it is designed to.

Replace the connector that is damaged or tighten it to make sure it’s in place properly.

gas stove burner partially lights

2. Clean Debris In Burner Holes & Ignition Ports

You will need to learn how to clean clogged gas stove burners.

This is the most common reason for burners not lighting as they need to. When you turn on the gas stove, you will hear the burner fire but it won’t work as you want it to.

This creates a situation where the burner doesn’t yield the results you’re after and it never warms.

To avoid a situation such as this, you are going to need to clean the burner holes and ignition ports on the side.

Take a hard-bristled brush to do this and then vacuum away the debris that is littered to the side.

By doing this, you are going to make sure the debris doesn’t clog the gas stove burner and allow it to be lit.

Until the debris isn’t removed, you are not going to have much of a chance of running the gas stove burner. It won’t light and that is why it’s important to go through each crevice inside the burner hole to get rid of the debris.

This is the only way to take care of this issue and have a burner that works again.

3. Test The Burner

If a gas burner is not lighting all the way around, you will need to take the time to test the burner after the debris is removed.

Sometimes, it is not the debris that is the real issue. It might have to do with the burner itself.

In this case, you will want to restart the gas stove and see if the burner lights now. If it doesn’t, this likely means the burner is damaged.

You will need to find a compatible burner to replace the damaged one with.

This is the last step and one you should only move forward with when all other options have been exhausted including cleaning out the debris.

gas stove burner partially lights

Final Thoughts

These are the details to think about if a gas stove burner partially lights.

If a gas stove burner partially lights, this is likely caused by debris in the burner holes or ignition ports off to the side. To fix this issue, check the connectors going to the burner, clean the debris, and re-test the burner to see if it lights. If not, the burner might have to be replaced.

For the most part, the debris is going to be the main troublemaker. Once you get rid of the debris, the gas stove burner will begin working again.

Go through these steps and see what is going on with your gas stove burner.

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