Why Is The Gas Stove Burner Stuck On? (Fixed)

A functional gas stove should be easy to turn on and off. It should not be self-controlled and the process should be as simple as possible.

Whenever there is a hitch in this regard, it can become a safety risk.

This is why it’s important to know what to do with a gas stove burner that’s stuck on.

If a gas stove burner is stuck on, this is likely due to the plastic knob. To fix the issue, pull the plastic knob out, apply WD-40 to the metal peg inside, and use pliers to turn the peg. This will ensure the knob can turn to the “off” position again.

When the gas stove is used often, this type of problem occurs. There is no reason to panic and it will correct itself with this simple fix.

Make sure to cover the metal peg with WD-40 and then use pliers. This will make it easier to get the peg to budge without having to exert too much force.

This article will explain what to do if the gas stove burner is stuck on.

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How To Fix Gas Stove Burner That’s Stuck On

1. Remove The Plastic Knob

It’s important to learn how to fix the gas stove knob’s spring.

This is going to be the root cause of your problem with the gas stove burner that’s stuck on.

You will want to remove the plastic knob that controls the gas. This will ensure you can access the metal peg that’s inside.

It is this peg that turns causing the gas stove to turn on/off throughout the day.

Make sure to not aggressively pull the plastic knob as it can break. The knob itself is nothing more than a cover to make it easier to hold on when turning the gas stove on.

Remove it and put it to the side for later.

gas stove burner stuck on

2. Apply WD-40 To Metal Peg

Now you are going to see the metal peg inside.

This peg is there to help latch onto the plastic knob when you turn the stove on/off. It plays an important part in how the gas stove works.

However, the gas stove knob can get stuck in the on position when the metal peg doesn’t budge. This will mean it won’t turn left or right. Instead, it gets stuck in the on position all day.

So, what do you do then?

You have to apply WD-40 liberally across the metal peg. Make sure to cover it.

3. Turn The Peg With Pliers

When the WD-40 is in place, you will want to take out a pair of pliers.

The pliers are important because you are going to use them to pull the metal peg. This is going to cause it to move from its spot.

The goal is to get it to turn to the off position.

Sometimes, older metal pegs will stop working because of rust. You can use the WD-40 to loosen them.

This should help get the metal peg to turn, which will allow the plastic knob to turn as well once it’s re-installed.

gas stove burner stuck on

4. Re-Install The Plastic Knob

When you know the metal peg is turning left and right, it’s time to put everything back to how it was.

This means re-installing the plastic knob that was set on top of the metal peg.

You will want to do this carefully and then re-test the gas stove to ensure it does turn off now.

If you used the pliers wisely, the gas stove will be working the way it is supposed to again.

Why Won’t My Gas Burner Shut Off?

The most common reason a gas burner won’t shut off is due to the metal peg getting stuck under the gas stove knob. To fix this, remove the plastic knob, apply WD-40 on the metal peg, and then turn it to the off position.

Final Thoughts

Follow what is listed in this guide and you can learn what to do if the gas stove burner is stuck on.

To fix a gas stove burner that is stuck on, remove the plastic knob, lubricate the metal peg inside with WD-40, and use a pair of pliers to turn the peg to the off position. Re-install the knob and see if the gas stove works now.

This is a quick fix and it is the most common reason this problem occurs in the first place.

You can have the gas stove turning on and off again within a few minutes.

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