GE French Door Refrigerator Problems (Explained)

Getting the GE French door refrigerator might seem like a good idea.

It is sleek, has good power features, and seems to provide ample space for your food items.

So, what’s the problem then?

It’s important to look into the GE French door refrigerator problems.

The GE French door refrigerator problems include overheating, bad ice quality, a faulty thermostat, and/or excessive power usage. It’s recommended that GE fridge owners be aware of these problems and keep tabs on them.

For the most part, GE has not stated whether or not it’s going to be recalling these fridges. However, these problems have been noticed by GE fridge owners.

This article will break down the main GE French door refrigerator problems and what is causing them.

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Top GE French Door Refrigerator Problems

1. Overheating

One problem that has been mentioned when it comes to GE French door fridge issues comes down to overheating.

This is when the GE fridge begins to feel hot to the touch and it does not cool the food as it should. While this might not be an issue in the first hour or so, it can become troublesome when it’s a persistent issue.

A lot of GE French door fridge owners believe this is a lingering problem that worsens with time and it makes it difficult to use the fridge.

As you can imagine, this is not the same as a fridge that smells too much. This is a much greater issue that can ruin your items inside the fridge when it is on.

2. Faulty Thermostat

In most fridge models, the only time the thermostat is going to get ruined is when the fridge is tilted to the side or it has been overused.

This does not apply to the GE French door fridges.

One of the main GE French door fridge problems would have to be the faulty thermostat.

This ends up creating issues with the fridge’s temperature controls.

This means sometimes the fridge is going to be too cold and other times it’s going to warm quickly.

This is not an ideal situation to be in but it does happen with this type of fridge.

ge french door refrigerator problems

3. Bad Ice

When you are looking to use the ice maker in the fridge, you are going to expect it to work a certain way and that’s what you are going to be aiming for.

Unfortunately, one of the GE French door fridge issues has to do with the ice quality not being as good as it needs to be.

This means the ice does not form or it does not come out as required.

This is not a good situation as this is a key feature of the GE French door fridge and it is a problem that is seen by many users.

4. Too Much Power Usage

One of the common problems with GE French door refrigerators would have to do with the amount of power they use.

You are going to end up noticing this when the energy bill comes at the end of the month. It is going to be sky-high.

You always want to make sure the fridge is not using too much power. After all, it is going to be running all the time and you need to stay on top of this.

Due to the overheating, it is common for the GE French door fridge to keep running and that leads to more power use.

What GE Refrigerators Are Recalled?

No GE refrigerators are being recalled as of right now. There have been lingering issues with the existing models and a lot of owners are stating there should be something done to fix these problems across a wider scale.

It is highly recommended that GE French door fridge owners keep an eye out for potential recall notices that come out.

If not, there might be lawsuits that arrive to help those who are owners of one of these GE fridges.

There is no new information about these recalls as of right now.

How Long Does A French Door Refrigerator Last?

The average French door refrigerator is supposed to last approximately 15 years. Some will last a bit longer than this depending on how well-maintained they are. It’s recommended to invest in an extended warranty to help preserve the fridge if something goes wrong.

For the most part, these are resilient appliances that tend to last a long time as soon as they are installed.

If you take care of them, the French door fridge is not going to give you an issue.

Final Thoughts

What are the main GE French door refrigerator problems?

The main GE French door refrigerator problems include overheating, faulty thermostats, bad ice, and/or excessive power usage. It’s recommended to keep tabs on these issues and also focus on maintaining the fridge before it worsens.

It is common for these issues to arise but you will want to look out for potential fixes too. This includes recall notices that might come out later.