Why Is The Glass Shower Door Hinge Slipping? (Fixed)

The glass shower door is a beautiful feature of any contemporary bathroom. It is aesthetically pleasing, great for increasing visual spacing, and also works well in modernizing the space.

This is why more and more property owners look to invest in glass bathroom doors for their setup.

While all of this is true, you also have to account for potential issues that can arise and how to fix them. This includes a situation where the glass shower door hinge is slipping.

If a glass shower door hinge is slipping, this is due to the screw heads losing their traction. To fix this issue, disassemble the hinges, set aside the door, clean the glass, and rehang the door using carpet tape for the gasket. Now, re-install the hinge with compatible screws to complete the repair.

You have to be diligent when it comes to managing a glass shower door hinge. This is not something to ignore because the entire frame will come crashing down if you ignore the issue.

By taking apart the hinge and then resetting it with new screws, you are going to stabilize the entire frame.

This goes a long way in preserving the glass shower door while also ensuring it doesn’t keep slipping out of place.

This article will look to help pinpoint how to fix a glass shower door hinge that’s slipping and what to avoid doing.

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How To Fix A Glass Shower Door Hinge That’s Slipping

1. Remove The Hinges

When it comes to a glass shower door hinge repair, you need to start by removing the hinges.

This is to help reset the glass shower door.

In general, when a glass shower door is slipping, it’s going to go out of alignment. This is dangerous and can lead to a situation where the glass shower door is going to crash down or stop working.

You will want to start by removing the hinges to make sure the shower door is installed as it needs to be.

glass shower door hinge slipping

2. Remove The Glass Door

You are now going to remove the rest of the glass shower door.

Your goal here has to be to take out everything and restart the installation process. In general, the only thing that should not be coming out would be the framing that has been done for the door.

This can be left in its original place.

With a slipping glass shower door, you need to make sure it is set aside so you can rework the various components.

3. Clean The Glass Door Using Cloth

You will now want to get rid of any dust or debris that is present.

This is common with glass shower doors and all you are going to need is a glass cleaner and a cloth.

Just go through the glass shower door and clean it thoroughly.

You will want to ensure any residue that is sitting on the shower door is not getting in the way of what you are doing. This is the reason a lot of people struggle when it comes to fixing a glass shower door that is slipping.

glass shower door hinge slipping

4. Use Carpet Tape To Stabilize Gasket

Once you have cleaned the shower door, it’s time to take out the carpet tape.

Yes, carpet tape is useful here.

What you are going to do is take the carpet tape and set it on top of the gasket. What this is going to do is provide additional traction for the gasket.

When this is in place, it is less likely the shower door is going to slip in its place.

5. Re-Install New Hinges To Secure The Glass Door

You will also want to re-install new hinges that are compatible with your glass door.

You have to ensure the hinges are set at the same height and the glass shower door is fully functional when you are done.

This includes testing how the glass shower door is going to be used.

This is key if you want the hinges to not feel difficult when opening the door.

Final Thoughts

These are the main steps that will work when you are dealing with a glass shower door that is slipping.

If a glass shower door hinge is slipping, this means the hinge has worn down or the screw heads are damaged. To fix the issue, remove the hinges, take off the door, clean the shower door, and then re-install it using new hinges.

You do not have to touch the frame during this process.

Just focus on the hinges and the glass shower door. This is more than enough to get the results you’re after.

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