How To Remove Gray Stains In Bathtub (Solved)

Dealing with gray stains in the bathtub can be frustrating.

It will ruin the aesthetic of the tub and you will want to find an immediate solution. When in a situation such as this, you will have to account for what’s going to help get rid of the gray stains in the bathtub as soon as possible.

This includes understanding why there are gray stains in the bathtub.

Gray stains in the bathtub occur when soap scum is left behind. This leaves a noticeable residue, which dries and looks chalky. To fix the issue, spray Clorox on the stains, let it settle for 10-15 minutes, and then scrub using a brush. Repeat the process if necessary.

Clorox is just one type of solution that can be used in a situation such as this. You can also look at other options to rectify the problem and get rid of gray stains in a tub.

This article is going to take a look at how to remove gray stains in a bathtub and what to use when it is time to move forward with the process.

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Steps To Remove Gray Stains In The Bathtub

1. Wipe Off Debris In The Tub

Bathtub stains that won’t come out are frustrating.

You will want to start with the basics by taking a clean cloth and wiping the surface. These types of tubs will often accumulate chalky debris that settles on the surface.

If you want to remove gray stains in a tub, it is this debris that is going to get in the way. A lot of people attempt to clean the stains in a bathtub without removing the debris. This creates a situation where some of the stains remain because the debris acted as a hurdle.

Do not let this happen.

You have to take a clean cloth and wipe the surface until all of the debris is gone.

gray stains in bathtub

2. Apply Clorox Or Stain Remover

When you are satisfied with the debris removal, it’s time to move to the next step, which is going to include using a cleaning solution.

You will have a few options up your sleeve.

You can use Clorox, Comet, or a quality stain remover. The goal is to use a cleaning agent that will help loosen the residue that has settled on the bathtub’s surface.

These gray stains in a tub are often caused by soap scum, so loosening the residue is a must.

You will want to apply the cleaning agent on top of the stains and then let it settle.

How long should you wait?

You should wait at least 10-15 minutes once the application process is complete.

3. Scrub Using A Brush

You are now going to scrub using a brush.

The goal is to make sure the loose residue that is on the surface is completely removed with as much care as possible.

You will want to scrub properly.

The goal is to ensure you are scrubbing to the point there is a noticeable difference in the gray stains. This is how you will know the process is working as intended.

Continue to work away on the surface and then rinse it using cold water.

gray stains in bathtub

4. Repeat The Process

Let’s assume you have gone through the steps and a few gray stains remain in the tub.

What are you going to do next?

You will want to keep going through the process and repeat everything. This will allow you to eventually get rid of the gray stains in the bathtub.

In some cases, the gray stains are robust and will take a bit of time to work on. There is nothing wrong with this and it just means you have to spend more time on the process.

Go through the steps again until you are fully satisfied with the look of the bathtub.

Final Thoughts

These tips will be enough to make sure you get rid of gray stains in the bathtub as soon as possible.

Gray stains in the bathtub occur when soap scum settles onto the surface. This leaves a noticeable chalky residue that is difficult to remove with water. To fix the issue, wipe the surface using a clean cloth, apply Clorox or a cleaning agent, wait 10-15 minutes, and scrub with a brush. Repeat the process if required.

This will be more than enough to help get rid of any gray stains that are in the bathtub as soon as you want.

For a lot of people, this is only going to require one application. For others, the soap stains are going to be more rigorous and will take a bit of time to work on.

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