The Ground Wire Gets Hot When Starting! (Fixed)

It is commonly assumed the ground wire is going to be a stable, resilient part of the electrical circuit that will do its job without issue.

This sometimes does not go as planned.

The reason comes down to the electrical circuit not being set up properly or there being a fault in the layout. An issue that can arise is if the ground wire gets hot when starting.

If the ground wire gets hot when starting, this means there is a bad connection in the electrical circuit. To fix the issue, check for loose or damaged wires. Also, check how the ground wire is linked to the circuit. Tighten everything and test the circuit again.

For the most part, the problem tends to come in the form of a loose connector in the circuit. This causes electricity to flow through the ground wire when it shouldn’t.

By changing the connector or tightening the ground wire, you will ensure this does not take place.

It is important to get out in front of this problem before an electrical fire breaks out. Remember, the ground wire is a protective element in the circuit and it needs to be handling electricity properly.

This article is going to explain what you should do if a ground wire gets hot when starting.

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Steps If A Ground Wire Gets Hot When Starting

1. Find The Ground Wire

The first thing you have to do is find the ground wire.

If the ground wire is getting hot, you will already know where it’s located. The goal now is to see where it’s running into the electrical circuit and if it’s set up properly.

You will know it is set up properly when it is attached to the ground rod. This will have to be a functional connection for the electricity to have a proper exit.

If not, the ground wire is going to become live and hot.

This is dangerous and it is important to make sure the issue is remedied as soon as possible.

ground wire gets hot when starting

2. Check For Damage

When finding out how a ground wire gets hot, you will want to test for damage.

It is possible the ground wire was improperly connected, which was caused due to the wrong connectors being set up.

This can include the ground wire not being linked to the ground rod. If this happens, you could have a damaged rod and/or wire on your hands.

The goal here is to replace the ground wire if that is the case. The same goes for any surrounding wire that is in this state.

The electrical flow is not going to stabilize until you replace the wire and/or connector with an alternative.

3. Tighten The Connectors

You will also want to take the time to tighten the connectors.

This is a common mistake people make.

You should look to see how the connectors are doing. This includes testing each one after you have turned off the power supply.

The goal is to ensure the electricity does flow when it has to. You don’t want a situation where the connector is loose and that causes electrical fire to break out because it is not going where it needs to.

Take your time to test each connector one by one.

ground wire gets hot when starting

4. Re-Test The Circuit

Once you have checked for damage and made sure the ground wire is linked to the ground rod, it’s time to re-test the circuit.

The goal here is to make sure you are managing the circuit with a high level of care.

If not, the electricity will continue to flow through the ground wire when the system starts. This is dangerous and can do a lot of damage.

Be diligent while working through and turning on the power supply. Only do this when you are certain everything has been tested and/or replaced.

Otherwise, it’s best to have an electrician take a look at the ground wire before moving forward with turning on the power supply.

Final Thoughts

These steps should help if a ground wire gets hot when starting.

If a ground wire gets hot when starting, this means there is a loose connection and/or the ground wire is not linked to the ground rod. To fix the issue, find the ground wire, check if it’s connected to the rod, and test each connector. Replace all damaged and/or burnt wires immediately.

This is the best way to make sure the ground wire does not remain live. If it does, you are going to increase the risk of a fire breaking out at home.

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