Why Is The Grout Not Hardening? (Fixed)

Being in a situation where the grout is not hardening can be concerning. You will want a solution that is straightforward and ensures the grout settles evenly.

If not, this is not only going to be an issue for the stability of the tiles, but also the overall longevity too.

This is why it’s important to figure out why the grout is not hardening and how to fix it as soon as you can.

The grout is not hardening because too much water has been used during the curation phase. This can include excessive moisture in the surrounding environment. To fix the issue, correct the ratio by adding more grout, decrease the room temperature, and increase airflow by using a fan.

This is the best way to help harden the grout if it is too soft or flaky.

A lot of people face this type of issue and it’s not easy to navigate around without a plan. Maintain the ratio, make changes to the temperature, and ensure airflow is not an issue.

This article is going to dive deeper into fixing grout that’s too soft and what to consider during the process.

How To Fix Grout That’s Not Hardening

1. Add More Grout

If the grout is too soft, you will want to consider the current ratio of water to grout.

Sometimes, you end up adding too much water to the mixture, which makes the grout too soft. You have to ensure the ratio remains 1:1 at all times.

This means one cup of water per cup of grout.

If you are not doing this, you will end up with soft grout that refuses to harden. This becomes challenging and will create an uneven finish no one wants to deal with.

So, how do you fix wet grout?

You will want to start by making sure there’s enough grout. To do this, you will need to add grout to the mixture as soon as you can.

Start by adding the grout slowly and see if that impacts the finish.

grout not hardening

2. Set Up A Fan To Increase Airflow

You will need to increase airflow.

This helps the drying process, which will ensure the grout hardens faster.

The goal is to make sure air is moving in the space where the grout is. If not, the still air begins to hold back the drying process and also allows for moisture to become an even greater concern.

Until you improve the airflow in your room, it is not going to dry as intended.

So, how do you improve the airflow in a room?

You will want to set up a fan to help create this airflow. It just needs to be a steady airflow that is going to keep things as functional as possible while drying the grout. Over time, this will help the grout get harder.

3. Decrease The Temperature

When learning how to harden soft grout, you will need to decrease the temperature.

It is often concerning to deal with a situation where the temperature is too high. This creates conditions that will lead to cracking in the grout.

You also don’t want it to be too cold.

It is important to drop the temperature by a few degrees to help the air continue to flow without excess humidity.

grout not hardening

4. Remove Moisture From The Room Using Dehumidifier

To harden grout, you will need to remove the moisture.

This is going to be done by setting up a dehumidifier. You will need this to reduce the amount of humidity in the space.

If you do this properly, it will continue to work out, and eventually, the grout is going to harden to the point you want.

Make sure the dehumidifier is set at a height that will target the entire space. It should offer comprehensive coverage to get rid of the excess moisture.

How Long Does It Take For Grout To Harden?

It can take grout 1-3 days to harden depending on the existing variables. This includes the room’s temperature, moisture levels, airflow, and how much grout has been applied. You will want to account for all of this while drying the grout.

Final Thoughts

Why is the grout not hardening?

If the grout is not hardening, it is likely due to too much water in the mixture or excess moisture in the air. To fix this issue, add more grout to the mixture, set up a fan to increase the airflow, and reduce the room’s temperature.

This will help harden the grout and make sure it works out as you want it to.

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