Guide On Hanging Chair From Ceiling For Bedroom (Explained)

When it’s time to start beautifying a bedroom and getting it to look as personalized as possible, you’ll look at adding unique features.

This can include a fixture such as a hanging chair.

However, before adding a hanging chair, you will want to figure out what it takes to install a hanging chair from the ceiling for a bedroom.

To install a hanging chair from the ceiling in a bedroom, start by finding an open space in the room. Next, choose a strong mount, a ⅜-inch eye screw, and multiple chain connectors to hold everything in place. Install the mount and test the chain to ensure it does not bend with the weight.

A lot of people worry about the ceiling coming down when a hanging chair is installed from it.

This does not have to be the case as long as the mount is secure. Always use a ⅜-inch eye screw for this purpose as it can hold up to 300 lbs of weight.

This article will take a look at a few tips on how to go about installing a hanging chair from the ceiling in a bedroom.

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Tips For Hanging Chair From Ceiling For Bedroom

1. Choose A Strong Mount

A hanging chair in the bedroom is a wonderful idea.

However, you do need to measure everything and make sure it is not adding undue stress to the ceiling.

This is a common concern when weight is already added to the bedroom ceiling (i.e. light fixtures).

Your goal is to look for an open space in the bedroom. This is a space that should not be blocked by another hanging fixture and it should offer enough space for a person to sit down easily.

If not, you will need to locate another part of the bedroom.

Next, you are going to want to invest in a good mount. This mount is going to ensure you can hold the hanging chair’s weight along with anyone that sits on the chair.

After all, the point of a hanging chair is for it to be a place you can relax and lounge for a bit when in the bedroom.

A good mount is a must due to this reason.

If the mount is not installed properly or cannot hold enough weight, the hanging chair is going to become unstable. This is dangerous.

Spend time looking for a mount that works with the hanging chair and ensure it can handle at least 300 pounds.

hanging chair from ceiling for bedroom

2. Always Use A ⅜-Inch Eye Screw

This is an important part of the setup.

A good eye screw is a must because it will handle the brunt of the weight from a hanging chair. If the eye screw pops out, this is going to cause the hanging chair to fall and do a lot of damage.

Be careful and look at the weight capacity of the eye screw.

The right one is going to have at least a weight capacity of 300 lbs to ensure the hanging chair does not fall once installed.

3. Test The Chain Connectors

You will also want to think about the chain connectors that are used when the hanging chair is installed.

The purpose here is to ensure the chain connector does not wobble or the chain itself doesn’t snap in half.

You will want the connectors to be strong as they will also be managing the weight of the hanging chair when it’s set up.

If you ignore this detail, it’s possible the chair is going to fall.

hanging chair from ceiling for bedroom

4. Always Install In An Open Space

You will always want to take the time to install in an open space.

The bedroom is not always going to be laid out in a manner where a hanging chair is an ideal fit. This is why you have to make space.

This means there should be at least a few feet of clearance on all sides of the chair once it’s in place.

If not, the hanging chair might become unusable and you could also make it difficult to set up.

Your goal has to be to make sure the hanging chair has enough space where it will not get in the way.

Final Thoughts

These tips will help when it is time to consider installing a hanging chair from the ceiling in a bedroom.

When hanging a chair from the ceiling in a bedroom, start by investing in a strong mount, a 3/8-inch eye screw, and multiple chain connectors. This will create a strong base for the hanging chair to hang from. Next, find an open space in the bedroom and test the chair’s weight capacity before using it.

These are the tips that will go a long way as you look to install a hanging chair in the bedroom at home.

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