Why Your Headboard Doesn’t Fit Bed Frame? (Fixed)

When a headboard doesn’t fit, you are going to have to figure out an alternative solution to complete your bed.

Some people prefer replacing the headboard, while others attempt to adjust what they already have in front of them.

This is why it’s important to choose one or the other before starting.

When a headboard doesn’t fit the bed frame, you will need to start the adjustment process right away assuming you don’t buy a new headboard.

If a headboard doesn’t fit the bed frame, this means its holes don’t line up with the frame. To fix this issue, measure the headboard, align it with the frame, and drill new holes. Once done, use properly-sized washers and bolts to lock the headboard into place.

It’s important to note, most headboards are universal and will fit nicely. However, if your headboard is not lining up, there is nothing wrong with drilling a hole through the part to get it to fit.

You will have to be thorough and measure everything when you are doing this.

This article will take a look at what to do if your headboard doesn’t fit the bed frame and why it’s important to do this carefully.

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Tips If Your Headboard Doesn’t Fit Bed Frame

1. Take the Measurements

When a headboard doesn’t fit, you are going to need to start by taking measurements of both the headboard and frame.

The reason is to make sure the headboard will line up nicely with the frame when you are done.

Write down all of the measurements and make sure you keep these in mind when planning the adjustment process. Remember, you are going to be drilling holes into the headboard, so getting the measurements right is key.

Otherwise, you could have unwanted holes in the headboard that still don’t line up with the frame!

headboard doesn't fit bed frame

2. Go For A Compatible Headboard

If the headboard is too small or too wide, you need to look for an alternative.

It’s one thing for a headboard to not fit because it isn’t lining up properly, but another if it looks out of place once set up.

This can happen if you have gone with an oversized headboard that doesn’t fit the bed frame.

If that is the case, you should consider looking into a new headboard such as the one shown above. This will go a long way in providing value to your bedroom and is going to ensure the fit is perfect.

This is key for those who are picky about how their bed looks once everything is done.

3. Drill New Hole Into Existing Headboard

Let’s assume you want to stick with the existing headboard.

When this happens, the best solution is to take the measurements and then line up the headboard with the bed frame.

When it is lined up, mark the spots where the new holes need to be.

You might require one hole on each side but some will require more. Take all of this into account beforehand.

Once you are ready, take out a drill and start drilling the hole where you have marked the bed frame.

Be patient and do it cleanly.

headboard doesn't fit bed frame

4. Use Washers and Bolts To Lock Headboard Into Place

The last step is to buy well-sized washers and bolts.

These are going to help lock the headboard into place when your new holes are drilled. Don’t place the headboard into place until you have these parts.

You have to ensure the headboard doesn’t slip and slide during the night.

This is why having the right washers and bolts will matter. Find the right size for these parts and then ensure the headboard is locked in before setting the mattress down on the bed frame.

Final Thoughts

When a headboard doesn’t fit the bed frame, it’s best to follow the steps listed in this guide as soon as you can.

If a headboard doesn’t fit the bed frame, it’s best to adjust the headboard’s holes. To do this, measure the headboard by lining it up, drilling holes where they need to be, and then using well-sized washers and bolts to lock the headboard in.

This is the only way to make sure the headboard does not budge when you lie down on the bed later.

This is a process that is going to take a bit of time because you want to drill the holes neatly. If not, you will end up marking the headboard in the wrong spot and that will ruin its appearance.

Be thorough and always double-check your work during the process.

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