The Heating Element In The Oven Broke in Two! (Fixed)

An oven is reliant on a functional heating element.

If the oven heating element doesn’t work or is damaged, this has a direct impact on how the appliance functions. This is why you have to keep tabs on the oven element and make sure it is in working condition.

One issue that can occur is when the heating element in the oven breaks in two.

If the heating element in the oven broke in two, the only solution is to replace it. To do this, unplug the oven, remove the racks, disconnect the oven element, hold the wires, and attach the new element.

It’s common to want to fix the existing oven element even when it is broken in two.

This is not the right approach because the damaged oven element might ruin the surrounding components. This can also become a safety risk depending on how the wiring is set up.

Be thorough when it comes to something like this and always look for a compatible oven element.

This article is going to explain how to replace an oven element that has broken in town and what to look for while doing so.

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How To Fix Heating Element In The Oven That Broke in Two

1. Unplug The Oven

The first thing to do is to unplug the oven.

You do not want the power running to the oven when changing a heating element. This can be a safety risk and is the last thing you should be doing.

Unplug the oven and then pull it out to make sure nothing is getting in the way.

Most ovens will pull out easily.

You will also want to make sure the oven is not close to anything else that is charged. While this is not an immediate safety risk, it is something to account for.

heating element in oven broke in two

2. Take Out The Racks

You are now going to take out the oven racks.

The racks will need to be removed to ensure you can access the heating element. Take out the racks and set them aside.

Make sure the racks are put in a safe spot as they will need to be put back.

3. Disconnect And Remove The Damaged Oven Element

When figuring out how to fix a broken heating element in an oven, you will want to start by inspecting it in detail.

The goal is to see what caused the break.

In most cases, the break is caused due to the oven element melting as the heat in the oven cavity increases. This means you will need to fix the issue before installing the new heating element.

Look for holes running on the side of the oven cavity. This might be the reason for the heat leak.

When you are ready to move forward with the oven heating element replacement, it’s time to disconnect and remove it while holding the wire.

Don’t let the wire slip because it will be difficult to recover.

heating element in oven broke in two

4. Attach The New Oven Element

You are now going to take out the new oven element and hook it into place.

Make sure the wiring is in place and everything is solid. This is the only way to make sure the oven heating element works as required.

When an oven element is warped, you need to replace it.

This is why going with a compatible oven element is the way to go. Set it into place and know it will work well.

5. Test The Oven

The last step is to test the oven.

You will want to make sure the oven heating element is warming the appliance as it is supposed to. If it is not, this is likely due to the wiring not being intact.

Go back and check the wiring to see which one is loose. Tighten it and try again.

Why Would An Oven Heating Element Break?

An oven heating element can break when the wiring begins to warp. This happens due to sudden temperature changes in the oven cavity. Eventually, the oven heating element melts and/or breaks.

Can I Use My Oven If The Heating Element Is Broken?

You can use an oven if the heating element is broken. However, it is not recommended nor is it a long-term solution. The oven heating element will eventually stop working and/or ruin the surrounding components.

Final Thoughts

Follow these steps if the oven element broke in two.

If the oven element has broken into two, start by unplugging the oven. Now, take out the oven racks, disconnect the element, and replace it with a compatible alternative. Since it is damaged, it will be difficult to fix. The best option is to replace it.

This is all you are going to have to do to fix an oven that has a broken heating element.

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