Honey Oak vs Golden Oak Cabinets (Compared)

Choosing the right type of cabinets for your home is all about understanding what will work with the room’s theme.

A common material property owners choose is oak.

Oak cabinets are resilient, look beautiful, and offer a wide array of advantages when it comes to going with an evergreen option. This is why more and more people lean towards going with oak cabinets.

Keeping this in mind, th two options will stand out in this category. You will want to compare honey oak vs golden oak cabinets.

Honey oak cabinets have a lighter, neutral undertone. In comparison, golden oak cabinets have a darker undertone, offer less depth, and are less trendy.

For the most part, the right option when comparing honey oak vs golden oak cabinets is to look at the rest of the kitchen. Choose the type that is going to resonate with the rest of the space and will elevate its aesthetic.

This article is going to look at a few variables when comparing honey oak vs golden oak cabinets.

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Comparing Honey Oak Vs Golden Oak

1. Undertones

You will want to start with the undertones.

Honey oak cabinets have a lighter, neutral undertone. This means they tend to work well with a wide array of colors and you can also use darker colors around them as a way to balance the look.

In comparison, golden oak cabinets have a darker undertone and that tends to stand out if you use darker elements around this type of material.

The best option with any type of oak cabinet is to go for brighter colors around them. This includes the wall paint, countertops, and/or appliances to name a few.

The reason for doing this has to do with the natural undertone of oak.

Both types of oak will do better when you choose the right colors to compliment them. If you do this, you will like the overall aesthetic of the room.

honey oak vs golden oak

2. General Look

This is the most important part of deciding between honey oak vs golden oak cabinets.

In general, honey oak cabinets are more popular these days and it has to do with how light the color is. This ensures the overall look of the cabinets feels fresh, trendy, and in tune with what modern kitchens should look like.

When you go with golden oak kitchen cabinets, you are trending toward something that is far more noticeable and it will stand out.

The orange element within the golden oak cabinet is going to stand out considerably.

This is not ideal when everything else is dark as it will look out of place.

3. Trendy Option

Trending styles will always matter to those who are venturing down this path.

When comparing golden oak to honey oak cabinets, it’s important to think about which material will age gracefully in the coming decades.

After all, you might not want to renovate the space in a few years.

With this in mind, you are going to adore honey oak cabinets because they offer a nice hue and will work well in a modern space.

Golden oak cabinets used to be popular but are fading out in this day and age. You can still go down this path, but you will need to modernize the rest of the space using cutting-edge materials.

honey oak vs golden oak

4. Versatility

Versatility is the name of the game.

Honey oak cabinets are great because you are going to be working with a lighter undertone. This means you can play around with how bright or dull the oak looks as soon as it is in place.

This is done by manipulating what the eye sees by changing the backsplash, countertop, and/or flooring.

Honey oak cabinets work better with different types of materials, which is not going to be the case with golden oak cabinets.

Final Thoughts

These are the variables to consider when comparing honey oak vs golden oak cabinets.

Honey oak cabinets are known for having a lighter, neutral undertone while also being more trendy and versatile. In comparison, golden oak cabinets have a darker undertone, can look aged, and will not be adaptable.

It’s best to go with honey oak cabinets if this is the material you want to add to your room.

The honey oak cabinets will look fresh and remain easy to customize as you play around with what else is going to be in the space.

Whether it is the kitchen or the bathroom, you will always want to think about the type of oak cabinets you are using. Honey oak will offer tremendous value and is one of those options that will be a good fit as soon as you put it in.

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