Hot Mop Vs RedGard (Compared)

In coastal cities, it’s common to go with hot mopping when it comes to waterproofing a shower.

This is due to the structural demands placed on this part of the room and how much moisture is in the air. For other parts of the world, it’s normal to choose waterproofing systems that can be applied into place.

This leaves you wondering which option is ideal and better for waterproofing a bathroom fixture moving forward. This includes comparing Hot Mop vs RedGard.

Hot Mop is renowned for being more resilient, versatile, and safe when it comes to waterproofing a bathroom fixture. In comparison, RedGard is affordable, works well for most tubs, and is easier to set up.

You will often have to determine which type of waterproofing system is ideal for your needs. In moist settings, it is important to only go with a solution that is versatile and will work well over the long haul.

This is why most property owners lean towards hot mop shower pans because they get the job done right away.

To learn more about the process, this article will take a look at comparing Hot Mop vs RedGard.

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Comparing Hot Mop Vs RedGard

1. Reliability

The most important facet to compare would be dependability.

If the waterproofing system leaks and/or doesn’t work, what is the purpose of having it in place?

Hot mopping is reliable because it includes multiple layers. This builds up a robust finish that is ideal over the short and long term.

Having a reliable finish means knowing you are not going to have moisture seeping through as soon as the levels increase in the bathroom. This is a common concern with RedGard.

While RedGard does hold up well in most situations, it is not as reliable around specific parts including the drain. This can leave small gaps that are not as resolute as they would be with hot mopping.

hot mop vs redguard

2. Effectiveness

When comparing RedGard to hot mopping, you will have one thing in mind and that is how effective the waterproofing is.

Remember if this is not done the right way, water is going to leak everywhere and it will cause significant water damage.

As a result, it’s common for property owners to want to steer clear of solutions such as RedGard. They might not be as effective in some parts, which can create a terrible finish.

Hot mopping creates a resolute finish that is consistent from one end to the other. This stabilizes how effective the waterproofing is.

3. Versatility

You should always go with a versatile waterproofing system.

RedGard is effective and it often comes down to versatility based on where you are going to be applying it. Sometimes, the waterproofing system might work in certain layouts but will let you down in others.

While building codes approve of RedGard and it does a decent job, it might not be as effective in your situation.

If you know there is excessive moisture in the bathroom throughout the day, it is ideal to look at hot mopping. It will work a lot better and offer a more sustained result.

hot mop vs redguard

4. Affordability

When comparing options, it is common to want to compare the pricing between options.

RedGard is going to be cheaper than hot mopping. For the most part, RedGard is going to cost approximately $120-$200.

In comparison, hot mopping will end up costing somewhere between $250-$500 depending on the type of fixture being worked on. This makes it important to have a budget in mind when doing something like this.

Do not only judge based on the pricing but do account for this when moving forward with the waterproofing. You don’t want a situation where the waterproofing doesn’t work out because you didn’t invest in the right solution.

Final Thoughts

It is important to compare Hot Mop vs RedGard to figure out what will work well for your bathroom.

Hot mopping is known for being dependable, flexible, and long-lasting. In comparison, RedGard is budget-friendly, safe for most situations, and will be easier to set up.

The average property owner will look at RedGard as being good enough. However, the better option is always going to be hot mopping. It is far more resilient and is going to offer a stable solution that works regardless of the moisture levels.

This might not seem like a big deal at first, but it can prevent water damage over the long haul. Don’t underestimate this when looking to do things the right way.

Getting good results has to be an important requirement for you.

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