How Big Should A Chandelier Be Over A Round Table?

There are certain elements of a room that can dictate how a chandelier is positioned. Some rooms are larger allowing for a huge chandelier while others are smaller needing a compact lighting fixture. Both have their merits and it comes down to finding a snug fit for your particular layout. This is why it becomes important to ask, how big should a chandelier be over a round table?

It’s recommended to put a chandelier that is 1/3 of the round table’s size or smaller. This makes sure the chandelier doesn’t cause a person to hit their head on the side while still accounting for the overall style of the room.

This is a major decision to make and finding the right chandelier is critical.

Key factors include:

  • Size of the Room
  • Look of the Room
  • Type of Round Table

You have to ask more than “How big should a chandelier be over a round table?” to make sure the fit is perfect.

This includes focusing on the rest of the room and what is present inside. If there are other parts of the room that are spread from one end to the other than you have to think about that too.

Balance is key and that only happens when you find a well-sized chandelier for your room.

This guide will answer the question “How big should a chandelier be over a round table?” while also focusing on what to look for in a chandelier for your room with a round table.

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Tips On How To Choose a Good Chandelier for Round Table

1. Go for a Smaller Size

One of the main details to think about will be the size of your chandelier.

In general, it’s recommended to go for a smaller size. This allows more space in the room for the round table to become a focal point. Otherwise, the chandelier is going to start to stand out for all the wrong reasons!

Be smart with the size and look to go with something that is on the smaller side.

A lot of people look towards multiple hanging lights for this reason. It spreads out how the lighting fixtures are set up in the room.

How Big Should A Chandelier Be Over A Round Table

2. Maintain 2-3 Feet of Air Space

How much air space is there between the round table and the bottom of your chandelier?

It’s important to make sure to have it closer to the roof rather than bringing it all the way down to the round table.

In most cases, you will want to have at least 2-3 feet between the bottom of the chandelier and the top of the round table. This is going to provide enough air space for things to be placed on the table and for the room to not look overcrowded.

Don’t hang the chandlier within a foot from the table as this can lead to reduced air space and makes the room appear smaller.

There is a balancing act for those asking “How big should a chandelier be over a round table?” because of this detail.

You can’t set up a chandelier and then hope for the best!

It has to be set at a reasonable height as that is going to play a big role in everything else including how big the chandelier looks.

How Big Should A Chandelier Be Over A Round Table

3. Aim for a Rounder Chandelier

When asking “How big should a chandelier be over a round table?” you will want to think about the shape of the lighting fixture.

A lot of people get stuck on the size and that’s great but what about the shape?

It is best to go with a rounder chandelier as that is going to fit the rest of the room’s layout including the round table. There is a symmetry that works well when you do this!

A rounder chandelier provides balance to any room that already has a round table in it.

If you go with a pointy or sharper chandelier, it might look odd with the round table.

It is better to look to go with a similar shape that is going to work well with the rest of the decor. This is a must when figuring out what works best.

Related Questions

1. Can A Chandelier Be Too Big?

It is possible for a chandelier to be too big. This leads to overcrowding and the entire attention goes to the chandelier causing the room to look unappealing or odd.

2. Can You Put a Rectangular Chandelier Over A Round Table?

There is nothing wrong with putting a rectangular chandelier over a round table but it can reduce the room’s overall balance and theme. This is why most homeowners are recommended to go with a rounder chandelier over a round table to remain symmetrical.

Final Thoughts

“How big should a chandelier be over a round table?”

Take the time to look at all of your options and stick to a round chandelier for your round table. It should be small enough to fit over top of the table and not stick out.

As long as you do this, the look will be wonderful and compatible with the rest of the living space.

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