How Long Can A Refrigerator Be Stored Without Being Used?

Storing a refrigerator for long periods is a common requirement.

You will want to store the fridge in a way that’s safe, efficient, and ensures it’s ready for use once set up again.

Keeping this in mind, you have to ask, how long can a refrigerator be stored without being used?

A refrigerator can be stored for 10-15 years without being used. Once this period has passed, the refrigerant might have leaked causing the fridge to not function at optimal levels. If the refrigerator is emptied, cleaned, and well-maintained, it can be stored for years without a problem.

It’s important to note, the fridge should be stored upright.

If it is tilted to the side or rested on its back, the refrigerant could leak causing it to become ineffective. Be careful when storing a fridge for long periods.

This article will explain how to store a fridge for a long time and what to consider during the process.

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Tips On How To Store Refrigerator For Long Time

1. Clean The Fridge First

Before storing a refrigerator unplugged, you need to clean it.

This includes wiping the interior and exterior of the fridge. You will want to remove all food or drinks inside the fridge while making sure it is as close to how it was when first installed.

If it is a brand-new fridge, you should keep it in its original packaging for additional protection. Remember, most manufacturers store their appliance for months at a time making the packaging resolute and ideal for storage requirements.

Take your time when cleaning a fridge to make sure it is easier to store later on.

When a fridge is dirty, it can start to accumulate mold and/or other debris that is not easy to clean once you are ready to use the fridge again.

How long can a refrigerator be stored without being used

2. Find an Open Space To Store Fridge

With a fridge unplugged and closed, you will still need to find an open space to store the refrigerator.

This should be a spot that is not surrounded by other items and/or walls.

If it is blocked off, the fridge might break down, and/or the refrigerant could leak. You do not want to take a chance when it comes to something like this.

Will a refrigerator work after being unplugged?

It can as long as you are storing it in an open space that is climate-controlled. If not, the refrigerator will eventually break down and become unusable until it’s repaired.

3. Keep It Upright

Always store a refrigerator in the upright position.

The idea behind doing this is to make sure the refrigerant doesn’t leak and the components don’t move around inside.

Since it is going to be staying in this position for long periods, you want to minimize as much of the depreciation as possible. This includes keeping it in the position it’s supposed to be in.

Sometimes, storing it on its side or back can cause the components to shift around. This might lead to unwanted damage when you are placing other items on the fridge or moving the fridge around all the time.

How long can a refrigerator be stored without being used

4. Make Sure Storage Area Is Climate-Controlled

Can a refrigerator be stored in freezing temperatures?

Refrigerators should not be stored in freezing temperatures as this can damage the internal components along with its tech-based settings. Modern fridges can often be compromised when placed in freezing temperatures.

It’s highly recommended to place the fridge in a climate-controlled setting that is closer to room temperature.

Can you store a fridge in an unheated garage?

You can store a fridge in an unheated garage but it should not be kept there for long periods. There will come a point when the refrigerator will break down due to how cold it is in the garage.

Be careful when storing the refrigerator and make sure it is kept in a reasonable environment.

Final Thoughts

How long can a refrigerator be stored without being used?

A refrigerator can be stored in the same spot for up to 10-15 years without being used. As long as the storage area is climate-controlled, spacious, and safe, the fridge is going to be ready for use after years of being kept in the same spot.

The goal should be to make sure the fridge isn’t moved around all the time and is not placed with other items on top of it.

This will ensure it is kept safe over the long haul.

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