How Many Amps Does A Gas Stove Use? (Answered)

Gas stoves are engineered to maintain specific power standards and these numbers need to be sustained for the appliance to function at 100%.

If there are drops in performance, it can almost always be attributed to one of the internal components not firing properly and therefore bringing the power metrics down with it.

A common question that people ask is, how many amps does a gas stove use?

A gas stove uses 10-30 amps to help fire the ignition. In general, a gas stove does not require a significant amount of electrical power as it relies on gas as its main energy source.

If you are worried about the reading concerning the amount of power going to the ignition, it’s best to use a voltage reader to test the gas stove.

These are inexpensive tools that can be used to test the power output in a wide array of appliances including gas stoves.

If you want to see whether or not your gas stove is using 10-30 amps to start, it is the voltage reader that will let you get to the bottom of things immediately.

This guide will explain what to do when you are trying to find out how many amps a gas stove uses.

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How To Check Amps A Gas Stove Uses

1. Know The Baseline

Before doing anything, you need to know how many amps a gas stove is supposed to have when igniting.

This is your baseline and it will allow you to know whether or not the reading is right.

So, what is the baseline for a gas stove?

You are going to expect to see a reading of 10-30 amps when a gas stove starts. it is a small number of amps but that is all a gas stove needs to ignite itself.

Keep this number in mind when it is time to start checking the amperage for your gas stove at home.

how many amps does a gas stove use

2. Find The Ignition For Gas Stove

Now, you are going to start inspecting the ignition on your gas stove.

This ignition is responsible for the amperage and will push enough electricity to get started. This is the way your gas stove lights up.

With this in mind, you are going to want to pinpoint the exact placement of the ignition and then loosen it.

This will help take the ignition out, so you can test it with a voltage reader at home. Be careful while doing this and make sure to not ruin any of the connectors when pulling out the ignition.

3. Calibrate The Voltage Reader

It is time to take out the voltage reader.

You will want to make sure the voltage reader is prepared for this test. To do this, you are going to take the two prongs and press them together at the tips.

This will help cancel out any energy that is inside the prongs before you ever take a reading of the gas stove igniter.

Be careful while doing this and make sure to set the voltage reader to the lowest setting. This will ensure it re-calibrates before the voltage reading is done.

how many amps does a gas stove use

4. Place Both Probes Into The Ignition’s Terminals

The last step is to test the gas stove ignition.

You are going to want to do this by taking the two prongs and pressing them into the terminals.

These terminals will be at the ends of the part and will be easy to spot as soon as you have removed the part.

When pushing the prongs in, you will want to ensure they don’t budge. Press them in properly and make sure to hold them in that spot until the voltage reading is complete.

The reader is going to start to take a reading as soon as it is turned on.

If it is between 10-30 amps, the ignition is good to go and is working as designed. If it is not, this means the ignition is damaged and has to be replaced.

It’s a simple test that can be done in a few minutes.

Final Thoughts

How many amps does a gas stove use?

A gas stove uses 10-30 amps to power the ignition when starting. For everything else, the gas stove uses natural gas as its power source.

It is highly recommended to use a voltage reader to take a reading when the gas stove won’t start properly.

If it is below 10 amps, this means the ignition is damaged and has to be replaced as soon as possible or the gas stove won’t start.

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