How Many Floor Lamps In Living Room? (And Which Ones!)

Floor lamps are aesthetically pleasing, unique, and are going to add a new touch to your living room once set up. It’s important to look at finding the right floor lamp for your living room while also making sure you don’t overdo it. This is why you will want to start by asking, how many floor lamps in living room is a good idea?

It is recommended to only keep one floor lamp in the living room. This provides a balanced, structured aesthetic that’s easy on the eyes and offers enough illumination for all parts of the living room.

If you are thinking about adding a floor lamp to your living room, it’s best to stick to one. If the living room is larger, you can get away with two as long as they are on opposite sides of the room.

Don’t look to structure the floor lamps by having them set up together!

Key factors include:

  • Size of the Living Room
  • Type of Floor Lamp
  • Brightness of the Floor Lamp

It is best to think about how you are going to set up the floor lamp in your living room before determining what is the best option for your needs.

Anyone that is wondering, “How many floor lamps in living room is a good idea?” should focus on one at a time. Don’t overdo things and realize the living room looks off and there are too many sources of light in one place.

Here is more on the question “How many floor lamps in living room is a good idea?” while also focusing on things to think about when determining which floor lamp is a good option for your living room moving forward.

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Things To Consider When Setting Up Floor Lamp In Living Room

1. Size of the Living Room

Start with the size of your living room.

A lot of people don’t realize but the overall size of the living room is going to dictate what is put inside including the furniture. You don’t want to set up multiple floor lamps in a smaller room because it will look odd.

It is better to choose one floor lamp and make sure it is set up in a corner. This will illuminate the smaller room and make it stand out.

However, if you have a grand living room that is massive, you can get away with an additional floor lamp as long as it is out of the way.

This will make it easier to illuminate another part of the living room if you want to.

how many floor lamps in living room

2. Other Sources of Light

It is also important to think about other sources of light in the living room.

For example, are you going to be setting up a chandelier? What about potlights? Some may even want to have table lamps in the room.

This is key because you don’t want too many sources of light including two or more floor lamps!

The average living room should only have light going in 2 directions as anything more will become overwhelming and unappealing.

It is better to diversify the light sources whether this includes potlights, chandeliers, table lamps, and/or floor lamps.

In most cases, a single floor lamp is going to get the job done.

how many floor lamps in living room

3. Brightness of the Floor Lamp

If you are asking “How many floor lamps in living room is a good idea?” then it is best to think about how bright the floor lamp is.

If the floor lamp is bright enough, you won’t need another one at all.

The light from one floor lamp is going to cover quite a bit of distance.

Brighter floor lamps can spread a lot of light throughout the living room making it unnecessary to invest in another one.

This is essential when trying to decide how many floor lamps should be in a living room.

Don’t overdo things and regret it later on. One floor lamp is often enough because of how bright it is going to be.

Related Questions

1. How Do You Place A Floor Lamp In A Living Room?

The best spot for a floor lamp in a living room is to have it set in the corner facing towards the center of the room. This will illuminate the entire space, look aesthetically pleasing, and work well from an interior decorating perspective.

2. How Many Light Sources Are In A Room?

It’s recommended to have multiple light sources in a room. These light sources should be varied whether it is a lamp, overhead lighting, and/or other types of lighting fixtures.

Final Thoughts

“How many floor lamps in living room is a good idea?”

Floor lamps are a good addition to any living room but it’s often recommended to go with one. Any more than this and it might look odd.

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