How Much Does It Cost To Run A Refrigerator In The Garage? (Solved!)

Setting up a fridge in other parts of the house can be daunting.

You might assume this is going to be a pricey endeavor with loads of hurdles. However, it might not be as tough as you think it is.

This is why it’s best to ask the basics such as – how much does it cost to run a refrigerator in the garage?

It will cost approximately $100 (annually) to run a refrigerator in the garage. This will come from utility bills due to the added load on the electrical circuit. The cost can vary depending on the size of the fridge.

If you are thinking about installing a fridge in the garage, it’s best to find the right spot. This will ensure the fridge remains cool in the garage and doesn’t overextend itself to stay cool.

This does make a difference.

Here is a look at the benefits of having a fridge in the garage and what it means for homeowners that go down this path.

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Benefits of Refrigerator In The Garage

1. Additional Space in the Kitchen

It starts with the amount of space you are going to open up in the kitchen.

If this is going to be your only fridge, it’s possible to set up the kitchen in a way where it is fully optimized for other elements (i.e. drawers, cabinets).

It provides additional flexibility for those who want to look to use the kitchen in a different way from what traditional setups offer.

If that is something you care about then the additional space is going to make a real difference.

how much does it cost to run a refrigerator in the garage

2. Easier to Set Up

The setup doesn’t take long in the garage.

The reason a fridge in the garage is a good idea has to do with this part of the process. For most people, you can set it up in seconds because the garage isn’t going to need a separate spot for the fridge to stay out of the way.

Most garages are large enough to accept a fridge easily.

Finding space in a garage for a fridge is easier as you can put it anywhere. This is better than getting restricted in the kitchen with one specific spot that is often pre-determined.

This is a key detail to think about when installing a fridge in the garage.

You are going to want to make sure the fridge is accessible and doesn’t get in the way. This is easier to do in the garage and most people will complete the setup within minutes.

3. Ideal for Second Fridge

Let’s assume you don’t want to move your fridge in the kitchen.

This is a great way to create additional space without having to renovate the kitchen. Instead, you are going to put the fridge in the garage and go from there.

All of a sudden, you are now going to have two fridges at home.

Those needing additional space should be looking at this as an idea due to how simple it is.

This is perfect for those who do want to put more food around the house.

If one fridge is not enough, the second will do wonders. You are going to see impressive results by going down this path and that is what matters the most.

how much does it cost to run a refrigerator in the garage

4. Good Room Temperature for Fridge

The room temperature in the garage will be excellent for hosting a fridge.

You can set up the fridge and feel confident the food is going to remain cold. This will not tax the fridge making it a far more effective appliance.

In warmer rooms, the fridge has to work harder to keep the food cold. This is not going to be an issue in the garage and that does matter.

Related Questions

1. Does A Refrigerator In The Garage Use More Electricity?

A refrigerator in the garage may use more electricity in warmer climates. In colder climates, the garage is often more effective in reducing energy costs as the temperature is low and easier for the fridge to run in.

2. Is It Ok To Put A Refrigerator In The Garage?

It is okay to put a refrigerator in the garage as long as it’s in a safe spot and connected to a secure electrical circuit.

Final Thoughts

How much does it cost to run a refrigerator in the garage?

It can cost approximately $100 (annually) to run a refrigerator in the garage. This will vary depending on the temperature of the garage, type of fridge, and/or type of electrical circuit.

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