How To Add Ground Wire To Old House (Step-By-Step)

Older houses tend to have aged electrical circuits and incorrect wiring.

This can lead to situations where adjustments and/or replacements are required. If so, you are going to want to learn how to add a ground wire to the old house.

To add a ground wire to an old house, start by finding the metal tubing with electrical wiring inside. This is often found inside an outlet box made of metal with specialized conduit connections. Add a grounded outlet where the existing one is, connect the ground wire to it, and then reset the circuit.

When done right, this should ensure the electrical circuit is fully protected and the aged house doesn’t end up becoming a fire risk.

in the past, the building code regulations were not as strict. This meant a lot was done that would be illegal and not pass an inspection now.

This guide will teach you more about how to add a ground wire to an old house and what to consider when completing the project.

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Steps On How To Add Ground Wire To Old House

1. Find The Metal Outlet Box

The first step with an old house that has no ground wire would be to locate the existing electrical wiring.

To do this, you are going to have to find a metallic box that is set up somewhere inside the house. The location can vary depending on how old the property is and where the builder deemed it to be appropriate at the time.

For the most part, it will either be on the ground level or in the basement.

Most old houses have metallic tubing that holds the wiring. This is to prevent fires from breaking out.

The tubing itself is located inside the metal outlet box. This is why finding the outlet box has to be a top priority to get started.

how to add ground wire to old house

2. Remove Ungrounded Outlet

You are now going to remove the ungrounded outlet.

This will be situated inside the outlet box and will have to be replaced for the ground wire to be installed. Until then, the circuit is not going to function as required.

To remove the ungrounded outlet, you will have to find the connectors that are holding it in place. The type of connector is going to vary depending on the type of outlet that is installed.

For the most part, it will come off easily once you unfasten it.

Be diligent while doing this and make sure not to ruin any other wiring that is inside the tubing or connected to the outlet. You will still need it when you are setting up a new grounded outlet.

3. Add A New Outlet And Attach Ground Wire To It

The next step is to add a new outlet.

You can use a modern outlet for this task and then attach a ground wire to it. Make sure the ground wire you are going with is lengthy, robust, and known for doing well in older houses.

A flimsy ground wire will still pose a risk.

This is why you want to make sure everything is secure and in place as it is supposed to be.

how to add ground wire to old house

4. Test The Circuit

The goal remains to test the circuit.

You will want to test the circuit in greater detail to better understand what your options are and whether or not the ground wire is working as it should be.

To make sure it is, you will want to use a voltage reader.

This is going to offer a reading for each wire including the ground wire.

If you don’t have a voltage reader, you can pay attention to the performance of the circuit. Is the power coming through to the entire house? Is it flickering or is the electricity stable?

This is a common sign that things are working. If it is flickering then you have to go back and check the connectors in detail.

Final Thoughts

It is these steps that are going to make sure you learn how to add a ground wire to an old house easily.

When adding a ground wire to an old house, find the metal outlet box with the metallic tubing inside. Its location will vary. Once found, remove the ungrounded outlet, add a new grounded outlet, and connect a grounding wire between the tubing and the outlet. After this, re-test the electrical circuit to assess for performance.

When done right, the electrical circuit should work like a charm.

Also note, that using a good grounded outlet is essential. You don’t want to compromise on quality.

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