How To Arrange A Small Bedroom With A Full Bed (Helpful Tips!)

Small bedrooms are not always easy to arrange.

There are several variables at play and it’s important to remain space-efficient with your decisions. This includes understanding where each component will go, how accessible it is, and the overall aesthetics of the bedroom.

Any mistakes in this regard will leave the bedroom looking messy or unlivable.

This is why more and more people are wanting to learn how to arrange a small bedroom with a full bed.

The best way to arrange a small bedroom with a full bed is to have it tucked to one side. This allows for the rest of the space to be used for additional features including chairs, desks, lighting fixtures, or storage options.

It’s not an impossible task to arrange a small bedroom with a full bed inside. It’s all about making smart choices and having a plan in mind.

Here is a look at a few tips on how to arrange a small bedroom with a full bed.

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Tips On How To Arrange A Small Bedroom With A Full Bed

1. Place Against a Wall

It is best to place the full bed in the corner of a small bedroom.

What is the reason for doing this?

In essence, you want to be as space-efficient as possible. By having the full bed in the corner of the bedroom, you are going to open up the rest of the space for additional fixtures.

This makes a real difference in how the bedroom is set up.

If you try to place the full bed in the middle of a small bedroom, it is going to leave only walking space on the sides. This is difficult to handle and will take away a lot of usable space once you add in a nightstand or two.

This is why most small bedroom owners will look to arrange the full bed by having it placed against a wall.

It’s important to remember that a full bed is going to have straight edges. This makes it a perfect fit against 1-2 walls in the bedroom.

Look at each corner of the small bedroom and then begin moving the full bed around. Eventually, you are going to find a spot that is a good fit and opens up a lot of space for other fixtures.

how to arrange a small bedroom with a full bed

2. Choose a Lower Headboard

Visual space is just as important as tangible space.

What does this mean?

The premise behind having a lower headboard is to create space vertically. When the eye scans the room, you are going to see more of the wall and that naturally makes the bedroom appear larger.

It is these little tweaks that go a long way in allowing for a full bed to fit in a small bedroom.

A lower headboard opens up more wall space and makes the rest of the bedroom appear larger than it is. This is key with a small-sized bedroom.

If you choose a large headboard, it’s going to make the full bed appear larger.

This is the wrong approach to take because it reduces the size of the room visually. It is going to make everything look congested and that is when a small bedroom looks unappealing.

how to arrange a small bedroom with a full bed

3. Only Keep One Nightstand

The nightstand is an underrated component when it comes to arranging a small bedroom with a full bed.

You will know the full bed is large, this means having a traditional layout (i.e. two nightstands + full bed) is going to be challenging.

It is doable in larger rooms but not in most small bedrooms.

As a result, you are going to want to remove one of the nightstands.

Two nightstands are better for larger bedrooms. It is best to have one nightstand to complete the look without compromising space.

This will happen naturally if you tuck the full bed against the corner of the bedroom.

Take the time to play around with these options and then choose what works best for your situation.

Related Questions

1. What Size Bed Is Best For A Small Bedroom?

The best bed for a small bedroom is a twin or full bed. These sizes can fit nicely in a small bedroom without taking up too much space or making it difficult to add new fixtures such as a chair, desk, lamp, or nightstand.

2. What Is The Best Way To Arrange A Small Bedroom?

The best way to arrange a small bedroom is to tuck the bed against a corner. This allows for more walking space and opens up the rest of the bedroom for new fixtures. This can include a wide array of fixtures such as chairs, lights, desks, or nightstands.

Final Thoughts

Follow these tips on how to arrange a small bedroom with a full bed.

When setting up a small bedroom, you will want to start with a full bed. Place it against a corner and watch as it opens up a lot of space in the smallest of bedrooms.

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