How To Arrange Furniture In A Narrow Living Room

A narrow living room is difficult to deal with.

You are going to want to make sure it looks spacious and that’s easier said than done. A lot of people struggle with this and it’s not easy to deal with at the best of times.

We would look at making subtle adjustments to help the space pop a bit.

This is going to include following these ideas on how to arrange furniture in a narrow living room.

Don’t Pack The Room

This is a simple rule.

You can’t start overpacking the living room because it’s going to look overbearing and difficult.

This is one of the biggest mistakes people make.

You have to ensure you are opening up space and ensuring things are being done the right way. If this means cutting things out of the room then that is what you are going to want to do.

Use Bright Lighting

Lighting is going to play a role in how the space looks and this should not be ignored when it’s time to get things right.

You will want to use bright lighting.

Bright lighting is great because it’s going to help elevate the beauty of the space and make sure it stands out.

Use Balanced Decor

This is one situation where you are going to have to be meticulous when it comes to the placement of the decor pieces in the room.

Don’t make it busy.

This means clutter is not your best friend here and it’s only going to get in the way. You are going to want to use balanced decor items to ensure everything is in sync with the narrow living room.

We often work in pairs to make sure the items add balance.

Use A Round Mirror

One trick would be to look at a round mirror.

This is going to be a way to add depth to the living room but also make sure there is light bouncing around in the living room. Sometimes, this type of change is going to make all the difference.

You don’t want to underrate this when it comes to how the room looks from different angles.

Round mirrors are also not going to get in the way or look overwhelming.

Use L-Shaped Sofas

L-shaped sofas are good depending on how big the living room is.

Since it’s going to be narrow, you are going to want to make use of an L-shaped sofa in this type of room.

It’s going to fit nicely.

It’s also going to end up opening up space throughout the rest of the living room making it easier to dress up the room.

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Place TV Facing The Couch

You are going to want to make sure the couch is facing the TV.

This is going to ensure you are not having to look to the side and it’s going to open up space to the sides.

Some people will add the TV on the shorter wall but that’s going to take away from the balance of the space. Don’t do this.

Put it right in front of the couch.

Go For Taller Furniture

This is essential when it comes to ensuring the naked eye can see through the bottom of the furniture.

This is essential because it’s going to remove the boxy look of bulky furniture in a tight space. For small living rooms, this is going to make all the difference in the world and it’s going to ensure the space looks bigger from different angles.

For example, get a couch that has thin legs.

This is going to make it easier to see the flooring underneath the couch and the same goes for any other piece including end tables or the coffee table in the living room.

Put Couch On The Longer Side

If you are looking straight at a narrow living room, you will want to focus on the placement of the couch.

This is likely going to be the largest piece in the room.

So, you are going to want to place it against the longest part of the room. This is going to elongate the narrow living room instantly.

Use An Area Rug

Area rugs are great because you are going to help add warmth to the narrow living room and also make sure that narrow vibe goes away.

The rug is going to give the room a bit of a presence and this is a simple trick to help the room appear bigger.

It’s also going to add depth to the narrow living room.

It’s a design tip that works well and is going to help avoid the eye only noticing the length of the room.

Put The TV On The Wall

Where are you putting the TV?

This is going to matter when it comes to optimizing the space and ensuring your living room opens up.

This is one situation where the TV should be mounted on the wall.

This is going to open up space underneath the TV and that’s going to make the narrow living room look beautiful. It’s also tidier than having the TV put on a TV stand.