How To Bend Back A Metal Bed Frame (Explained)

When the metal bed frame’s middle support starts to give out, you are going to notice issues with its shape.

The bed frame is going to bend.

This is not a good sign and it is often a warning letting you know the bed frame is weakening and has to be fixed. If you don’t take the time to stabilize the metal bed frame, you are going to have serious issues on your hand to deal with.

This is when it becomes important to learn how to bend back a metal bed frame.

To bend back a metal bed frame, start by measuring the distance between the floor and the lowest point of the bent area. Next, cut plywood and/or metal into a leg to hold that part up. Once the right size is cut, drill into the metal bed frame to secure the leg into place.

When you are done installing the leg on a metal bed frame, it’s time to test it. You will want to see whether or not it can support your weight on that side of the frame.

If it does not, you might need to adjust the leg you are setting up or how many legs are installed.

Here is a look at how to bend back a metal bed frame.

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Steps On How To Bend Back A Metal Bed Frame

1. Measure Distance Between Floor And The Bent Frame

Before doing anything else, you will want to find out the gap between the floor and the bent part of the metal bed frame.

Why is this important?

It is important because you will want to know how big the new leg needs to be that will go to support the metal bed frame.

Until there is a leg there, it is going to stay bent. There is no other way to fix it.

This is why you want to take multiple measurements to get a good read on what your options are.

2. Cut A Metal or Wooden Leg

You will now want to find metal and/or plywood to help cut out a leg.

This is going to be a subjective call.

It is recommended to find a sturdy material that can hold up a specific amount of weight that will be put on the metal bed frame.

Some will want to use metal but others are going to be fine with strong plywood. It is best to consult with a home hardware specialist to find out what your options are.

Once you do this, you are going to take the measurements from before to begin cutting out the leg.

3. Drill Metal/Wooden Leg Into The Frame

When the leg is ready to go, it is time to drill into the bent part of the metal bed frame.

You are going to want to find the central point of this bent area.

This is where you are going to attach the new leg.

The goal is to prop up the bent part of the metal bed frame with the help of the leg. It is going to go right in the middle and push the bent area up.

4. Test The Bed Frame

When the leg is secured, it is time to test the metal bed frame.

A common mistake people make is to jump onto the bed as that is going to put undue stress on the frame instantly.

You need to test in smaller increments to see whether or not the bed frame makes noise. The goal is to also keep an eye on the leg to see if it moves and/or wilts under the weight.

If it does, you are going to have to tighten the screw you are using to hold it into place.

Final Thoughts

These are important tips as you learn how to bend back a metal bed frame.

To bend back a metal bed frame, it’s best to start by measuring the gap between the bent part of the frame and the floor. Next, cut a leg out of metal and/or plywood based on these measurements. Once the leg is ready, drill into the bent area and secure the leg into place.

At this point, the metal bed frame should be propped up and ready to go.

You will always want to test the bed frame to make sure it is as secure as it needs to be. This includes adding a bit of weight to the bent part of the frame to see how it holds up.

The more you test it, the better it is for the viability of the new change.

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