How To Clean A Shower Head With Baking Soda (Step-By-Step)

The shower head will begin to get dirty after regular use.

This can include mineral deposits settling inside the shower head and on the surface. This is why it’s essential to understand what can get rid of the mineral deposits in a shower head and how to make sure the fixture isn’t compromised during the process.

With this in mind, it’s recommended to learn how to clean a shower head with baking soda.

To clean a shower head with baking soda, it’s recommended to use a specialized mixture. Use a half cup of vinegar, 3 tablespoons of baking soda, and 2-3 drops of dishwashing liquid. Remove the shower head, soak it in this mixture, and wait 25-30 minutes for it to dry. Once done, rinse the shower head and install it back in place.

It’s a simple solution and one that will ensure the mineral deposits are a thing of the past.

This article will take a deeper look into how to clean a shower head with baking soda the right way. Follow the steps listed here and you are going to end up seeing incredible results.

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Steps For Cleaning Shower Head With Baking Soda

1. Choose The Right Ingredients For Mixture

Before doing anything else, you will want to choose the right type of ingredients for the cleaning mixture.

You will require the following ingredients:

  • Dishwashing Liquid
  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar

It’s important to have high-quality ingredients that are easy to use and reputable. A good example would be using Arm & Hammer’s baking soda because it is an established formulation that is going to help clean the shower head.

Using baking soda to clean a shower head is smart but it is also important to look at the other ingredients in the mixture for good results.

Don’t settle for something that will disappoint.

2. Wipe The Shower Head

You will want to take the time to prep the shower head for cleaning.

To do this, the goal is to begin by taking a dry cloth and wiping the surface. You will want to make sure to get into the crevices to ensure any excess debris is removed before the mixture is applied.

This will save you a lot of time as the results may not be good enough if you aren’t careful. It’s essential to keep this in mind when you are prepping the shower head for a deep cleaning using baking soda.

Apply Mixture On The Shower Head

3. Mixing Baking Soda + Vinegar + Dishwashing Liquid

Now, it’s time to put the mixture together.

You will want to follow the formulation listed below:

  • 1/2 Cup of Vinegar
  • 3 Tablespoons of Baking Soda
  • 2-3 Drops of Dishwashing Liquid

Pour these ingredients into a small bowl and make sure to mix them thoroughly. You will get a nice, consistent cleaning solution that is ready for application.

It’s essential to use the right ingredients to clean a shower head the right way.

4. Remove The Shower Head

When it is time to start cleaning the shower head using baking soda, it’s important to have as much access as possible to the inner crevices.

This includes removing the shower head from its place and putting it inside the bowl. The goal is to make sure the showerhead has been submerged in the liquid to ensure it is as clean as it needs to be.

A lot of homeowners hesitate when it comes to this step but it is essential for good results.

By removing the shower head, you will have greater access to those “hard to reach” areas that need to be cleaned. This is a must and it will optimize how effective the cleaning mixture is at the end of the day.

Apply Mixture On The Shower Head

5. Apply Mixture To The Shower Head

You will now begin applying the mixture to the shower head.

This can be done in two ways.

The first option is to take a separate spoon and begin pouring it over the shower head. You can then rub it in with a cloth to make sure the shower head is as clean as it needs to be.

The other option is to simply submerge the shower head inside a bowl. This will allow the mixture to do its job while you do scrub the surface with your hands.

Both options are valid and it comes down to preference.

6. Wait 25-30 Minutes

Once the shower head has been cleaned with the mixture, you are now going to want the formulation to do its job.

This is not going to happen in seconds nor should that be your mindset heading into the cleaning session. Instead, what you are going to want to do is wait while the baking soda cleans the shower head.

How long do you have to wait for baking soda and vinegar to clean the shower head? It is going to take at least 25-30 minutes of waiting on your end.

The reason for waiting this long is to make sure the formulation gets a chance to do its job.

Apply Mixture On The Shower Head

7. Rinse With Water and Re-Install

The last step is now to prepare the shower head for installation.

You are going to take the shower head and wash it with clean water. Make sure to get all of the crevices and any hidden spots that might get missed.

This will ensure the shower head is ready to go when you are preparing to re-install it where it was. When you do re-install the shower head after cleaning it, the goal should be to check surrounding components to remove excess debris that might have been missed.

Inspecting this spot in the shower is good for longevity purposes. It will also ensure the shower head doesn’t get dirty again.

Final Thoughts

These are the most important tips on how to clean a shower head with baking soda.

To clean a shower head with baking soda, it’s essential to create a formulation using 2-3 drops of dishwashing liquid, 1/2 cup of vinegar, and 3 tablespoons of baking soda. Mix these and apply them to the shower head for maximum results. Wait 25-30 minutes before rinsing the shower head using water.

This is a simple formulation and one that is going to work wonders as soon as it is put into place. Take advantage of it and know you are going to see amazing results.

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