How To Clean Caulk Around Toilet (Step-By-Step)

The average property owner will look at the toilet and ignore the caulk running along its edges.

This is a common concern and something that has to be addressed. If the caulk is not cleaned, it can start to leak and/or look ungainly.

This is why it’s important to learn how to clean caulk around the toilet.

To clean caulk around the toilet, mix 1/4 cup of bleach and a gallon of water. Pour onto a hard-bristled brush and begin scrubbing the caulk. Wipe with a clean cloth when done. This will clean and whiten the caulk around the toilet immediately.

Continue to do this for as long as necessary. It’s a great way to whiten the caulk around the toilet’s base and also ensure debris doesn’t settle in those “hard-to-reach” spots.

To keep things simple, it’s better to use a smaller brush such as a toothbrush.

This article will explain more on how to clean caulk around the toilet and what not to do during the cleaning process.

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Steps On How To Clean Caulk Around Toilet

1. Mix Bleach and Water

If the caulk around the toilet is turning yellow or brown, you will have to find a way to clean it safely.

There are different ways to go about doing this.

The best strategy is to create a homemade formulation that will help whiten and clean the caulk around the toilet base.

To do this, you are going to take out a small container.

In this container, you are going to pour a gallon of water and mix it with 1/4 cup of bleach. Make sure it has mixed properly.

It’s important to ensure the bleach and water create a consistent formulation. This is the only way to get it to the level where you can clean the caulk around the toilet.

how to clean caulk around toilet

2. Use Hard-Bristled Brush And Dip In Mixture

You are now going to take a hard-bristled brush and dip it into the mixture.

This will be used to apply the mixture onto the caulk.

A common mistake that’s made is for people to try pouring the mixture onto the caulk. This will leave a mess that is hard to clean later on. It’s far better to keep things simple and use a hard-bristled brush for the process.

Always take the time to soak it in the brush and then begin cleaning.

It will ensure you can control how the mixture is applied to the caulk around the toilet.

3. Begin Brushing The Caulk

When the hard-bristled brush is soaked, it is time to begin brushing the dirtied base of the toilet.

This will take a bit of time but can be done with care.

The wet mixture on the brush will begin to soak into place as soon as you scrub. Continue to scrub until you are satisfied with the grime that’s coming off.

A lot of people have to take their time during this process due to how much grime is found on the caulk.

Patience here can go a long way and that is why it’s one of the most important steps in the process.

how to clean caulk around toilet

4. Wipe With A Clean Cloth

The last step is to wipe the area around the toilet with a clean cloth.

You don’t want the residue to spill over to the flooring and/or any other part of the toilet. People don’t do this and that can start to stain other parts including the toilet and/or tiles nearby.

By taking the time to wipe the caulk using a clean cloth, you are going to ensure it ends up with a balanced finish.

This is what you should be aiming for as a property owner.

Also, it’s important to make sure the cloth is clean. This is why most people don’t get the results they set out to achieve.

Final Thoughts

These are the best tips on how to clean caulk around the toilet base.

To clean the caulk around a toilet base, it’s best to use a gallon of water mixed with 1/4 cup of bleach. Use a hard-bristled brush to apply the mixture evenly. Scrub away and remove the grime. Once done, use a clean cloth to remove the debris and residue.

This is a simple process and one that is going to yield amazing results when it is time to clean the caulk around the toilet.

Take your time and ensure you are scrubbing away with a purpose. If this hasn’t been done before, you are not going to see good results until you put in the time to scrub properly.

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